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ville, 1861) ; " La Poudre aux yeux," a comedy in two acts (Gynmase, same year) ; *' La Station de Champ- bandet>" in three acts (Palais Boyal^ same year) ; " Les Petits Oiseaux," in three acts (Vaudeville, 1862); " C^limare le bien-aim^/* in three acts (Palais Royal, 1863) ; " Moi," a comedy in three acts (Theatre Pran9ais), 1864; " Un mari qui lance sa femme," in three acts (Gymnase, 1864); "Le point de mire" (Gymnase, 1864) ; " La Cag- notte," in five acts (Palais £oyal, 1864) ; " L'Homme qui manque le Coche," comedy, in three acts (Va- ri^tes, 1865) ; " Le Premier prix de piano," a comedy in one act (Palais Eoyal, 1865); "Un Pied dans la Crime," a comedy in three acts (Palais Boyal, 1866) ; '* Le Pik du Brigadier," a comic opera in three acts (Op^ra Comique, 1867); "Le Papa du Prix d'Honneur," a farce in four acts, written conjointly with M. Theodore Bairi^re (Palais £oyal, 1868); "Le Koi d'Amatibou," in four acts (same theatre, 1868) ; " Le Corrioolo," in three acts (Op^ra Comique, 1868); "Le Choix d'un Gendre" (May, 1869), for the inauguration d the new hall of the Vaudeyille ; "Le Plus heureux des trois," written conjointly with M. Gondinet (Palais Eoyal, 1870) ; "Le Cachemire," 1870; " L'En- nemie," written conjointly with M. Delacour, 1871; "Le Livre bleu," in collaboration with M. Blum, 1871; "n est de la poUce," con- jointly with M.Leroy, 1872; "Doit- on le dire," with M. Duru, 1873 ; " La M^moire d'Hortense," with M. Delacour, 1873 ; " Vingt-neuf degr^s h I'ombre," 1878; " Brftlons Vol- taire," with M. Leroy, 1874; "Gar ranti dix ans." with M. Gille, 1874; " Madame est trop belle," with M. Duru, 1874; "La Pifece de Cham- bertin," with M. Dufresnois, 1874 ; "Les Samedis de Madame," with M. Duru, 1875; "Les Trente mil- lions de Gladiator," with M. Gille, 1875; "Un Mouton k I'entresol," with M. A. Second, 1875; "La

Charge de cavalerie," 1876. On Feb. 20, 1880, he was elected a member of the French Academy, Feb. 26, 1880, in the room of M. de Sacy , and his reception took place on Nov. 25, when M. John Lemoinne delivered the address of welcome. LABUAK,Bi8HOPOF. (iSeeHosB.) LACBOIX, Paul, who writes under the pseudonym of the" Bi- bliophile Jacob," born in Paris, Feb. 27, 1806, is the author of a series of novels and romances, which derive their interest from the curious details of book-knowledge on which they are founded. He was ap- pointed Curator of the Library of the Arsenal in Paris in 1855. He was decorated with the Legion of Honour in 1835, and promoted Grand Officer, Jan. 8, 1860. M. Paul Lacroix has contributed to numerous journals, has written dramas and novels, and has distin- guished himself as an archaeologist. The most magnificent of his richly illuminated antiquarian works, ori- ginally written in French, have ap- peared in English under the titles of " The Arts of the Middle Ages ; " "Manners, Customs, and Dress of the Middle Ages," 1878 ; " Military and BeliKious Life in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Re- naissance," 1874 ; and " Science and Literature in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Benaisaanoe/' 1878.

LACT, Thb Bight Bbt. Bichabd, D.D., Bishop of Middlesbrough, was bom Jan. 16, 1841, at Navan, co. Meath, and educated at St. Cuth- bert's College, Ushaw, and at Bome. He was appointed first, in 1868, Curate at St. Patrick's Church, Bradford, Yorkshire, and secondly, in 1872, Incumbent of St. Mary's Church, Middlesbrough -on -Tees. He became Bural Dean in 1874; Missionary Sector in 1878; and the first Bishop of Middlesbrough in 1879, being consecrated on Dec. 18 by H.E. Cardinal Manning, as- sisted by the Bishops of Leeds and Liverpool. The Bishop's priestly