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controversy was kindled in this country by Bishop Colenso's publi- cation here in 1865 of his translation of the earliest chapters of the same work under the title " The Penta- teuch and the Book of Joshua Critically Examined." Among later works by Professor Kuenen which have appeared in our lan- guage may he mentioned "The Eeligion of Israel to the Fall of the Jewish State " (London, 1874- 75), and "The Prophets and Pro- phecy in Israel" (London, 1877). The translator of the latter was the £ev. Adam Milroy, MA., and it was furnished with an introduc- tion by Dr. J. Muir. Many papers by Dr. Kuenen will be found in the Transactions of the Amsterdam Boyal Academy of Sciences, of which he was elected a Fellow in 1865. The Hibbert lectures for the year 1882 were delivered at Oxford and in London by Dr. Euenen, the subject being "Na- tional Beligions and Universal Beligions. He presided over the sixth Congress of Orientalists held at Leyden in Sept. 1883.

KUPEB, Admiral Sib Axtgustus Leopold, G.C.B., the fourth son of the late Eev. William Kuper, D.D., who was chaplain to her Majesty the late Queen Dowager, was born in 1809, and entered the Boyal Navy in 1823. He saw some active service on the South American and Mediterranean stations, and in 1841 served with distinction in China, where he took an active part in the operations at Canton. He became Commander in 1839, Captain in 1841, attained fla^ rank in 1861, and was appointed, m the last-mentioned year, Commander- in-Chief on the East Indian and China station, with temporary rank of Vice- Admiral, and in that capa- city superintended the operations on the coast of Japan in 1864, for which successful services he was created a E.C.B. He was created a G.C.B. in 1869 ; made an Admiral in 1872 ; and was placed on the

retired list of that rank in Sept. 1875. Since 1874 he has enjoyed a " good service pension " of JS300 a year.

LABICHE, Eua&KS Mabin, a French dramatist, born at Paris, 5th May, 1815, was educated at the College Boturbon, then entered the School of Law, and made his first attempts at authorship in 1835, when he sent various contributions to the minor journals of the day. In 1838 he published a novel, " La Clef des Champs," and wrote, in conjunction with M. Marc Michel and M. Lefranc, " M. de CoylHn, ou THomme infiniment poll, for the d^hut of Orassot at tiie Palais Boyal theatre. In spite of the doubtful success of this piece, M. Labiche thenceforward devoted himself to the production of farces of the same description, with the most extravagant plots and abounding in droU situations. The pieces he has brought out, chiefly in collaboration with oUier writers, are upwards of 100 in number. Among the most successful are: — " Deux papas tr^s bien," 1846 ; "Frisette," 1846; "Madame Lari- fla," 1849 ; " Embraasons-nous " and "Folleville," 1850; "Un garden de chez V^ry," 1850; "Une femme qui perd ses jarreti^res" and "Le Chapeau de paille d'ltalie," 1851 ; " Edgard et sa bonne," 1852 ; " Otez votre fille, s'il vous plait," 1854; "Si jamais je te pincel" 1855; "La Perle de la Canebi^re," 1856 ; " L' Affaire de la Bue de Lourcine," 1857; "En avant les ChinoisI" 1858; "L'Omelette h la foUem- bftche," 1859; " Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon" conjointly with M. !^ouard Martin, a comedy in fotu: acts, one of the best of its kind (Gymnase, 1860 ; and revived with a prolonged success at the Od6on in 1879) ; " Les Vivacit^s du Capitaine Tic,' * in three acts ( Vaude-