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■ Boss WisHABT Baillib Cochbanb^ eldest son of Admiral Sir Thomas Jolm Cochrane, K.C.B., by his first wife, Matilda Boss Wishart, daugh- ter of Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Boss, Bart., was born in Not. 1816, and educated at Eton School and Trinity College, Caia- bridge. He was M.P. for Bridport in t£e Conservative interest from lail till 1846, and from 1847 till 1852 ; for Honiton from 1859 till 1868; and was returned for the Isle of Wight in 1870, on a vacancy being caused by the death of Sir John Simeon. He represented that constituency till April, 1880, when he was raised to the peerage as Baron Lamington. He is the author of" Poems," privately printed, 1838 j "Exeter Hall; or. Church Polem- ics," 1841 ; "The Morea," a poem, second edition, 1841 ; "The State of Gk-eece," 1847 ; " Ernest Vane," 2 vols., 1849; "Florence the Beauti- ful," 2 vols., 1864; "The Map of Italy," 1866 ; " Young Italy : His- toric Pictures," 2 vols., 1866; "Francis the First, and other Historic Studies," 2 vols., 1870; "The Th^&tre Fran<^8 in the Beign of Louis XV.," 1879; and some political pamphlets.

LAMPSON, Sir Curtis Mi- randa, Bart., born in Vermont, United States, Sept. 21, 1806, came to England in 1880, and was naturalized in 1848. Upon the for- mation of the company for laying the Atlantic telegraph, in 1866, he was appointed one of IJie directors, |uid became vice-chairman. The important aid rendered by him in the great undertaking was acknow- ledged in a letter from Lord Derby to Sir Stafford Northcote, who pre- sided at the banquet given at Liver- pool, Oct. 1, 1866, in honour of those gentlemen who had taken an active part in the laying of the cable ; and he was made a baronet Nov. 13, 1866. Sir Curtis Lampson is deputy-governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, and one of the trus- tees of the fund given by his friend

the late Mr. Peabody for the benefit of the poor of London.

LANGEVIN, The Hon. Sir Hector Louis, K.C.M.G., C.B., bom in Quebec, Aug. 26, 1826, was educated at the Seminary in his native city, studied law at Montreal, and was called to the bar in 1850. He was created Q.C. March 30, 1864. He was for some time chief editor of the Melanges Beligieux, a newspaper devoted to politics and theology, and published in Montreal; was afterwards one of the editors of Le Courrier du Canada, a daily paper published in Quebec, and wrote " Droit Administratis des Paroisses, or Parochial Laws and Customs of Lower Canada," 1862. Mr. Langevin, elected Mayor of Quebec in Dec. 1867, was re-elected in 1858 and 1869, has filled the chair of the Institut Canadien, and has been President of the St. Jean Baptiste Society of Quebec. He was elected, Jan. 2, 1868, member of the Provincial Parliament, by the county of Dorchester, and has always supported the Conservative party. In March, 1864, Mr. Lange- vin became Solicitor-General for Lower Canada, with a seat in the Cabinet in Sir E. P. Tache's ad- ministration, and exchanged the former post for the Postmaster- Generalship in Nov. 1866. He was one of the Canadian delegates to the conference at Prince Edward Island, on the question of the Con- federation of the British North American Provinces in the summer of 1866, and afterwards to the Que- bec Conference, and repaired to London with other commissioners towards the end of that year, in order to complete the arrange- ments. On the reorganisation of the Dominion Cabinet in 1867, Mr. Langevin was transferred to the position of Secretary of State of Canada, Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs, and Begistrar- General; and in Nov. 1869 ex- changed this office for that of Minis- ter of Public Works, which he re-