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tained tuitil the fall of the Mac- donald goyemment in 1873. At the general elections of 1878 he was returned for Three Rivers (which he still represents), and was sworn in as Postmaster-General in the Liberal-Coaseryative Gk>Ternment of that year. This portfolio he re- signed, in ICay, 1879, for that of the Ministry of Public Works, which he now holds. He was made a C.B. wh^i in London completing the arrangements for the organisa- tion of the Dominion Government, and, in 1881 had the order of K.C.M.G. conferred upon him.

LANGFORD, John Alfred, LL.D., was born at Birmingham, Sept. 12, 1823, and is self-educated. He was a member of the Birming- ham Free Libraries Committee, 1864-74 ; Teacher of English Litera- ture in the Birmingham and Mid- land Institute, 1868-74 ; a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society from its foundation ; was elected member of the Birmingham School Board in 1874, and re-elected in 1876, 1879, and 1882. He has been local editor of the Birmingham DaUy OoMetie and the Birmingham Morning News. Dr. Langford is the author of Religious Scepticism and Infi- delity," 1860; "A Drama of Life and Aspiranda," 1852 ; '< Religion and Education in Relation to the People," 1852; "English Demo- cracy," 1866 ; " The Lamp of Life, a Poem," 1866; "Poems of the Fields and Town," 1859 j " Shelley, and other Poems," 1860 ; " Prison Books and their Authors," 1861; " Pleasant Spots and Famous Places," 1862; "A Century <rf Birmingham Life," 2 vols., 1868 ; "Modem Birmingham, 2 vols., 1874-7 ; " Staffordshire and War- wicki^re. Past and Present," 2 vols.,1874 ; " Birmingham : a Hand- book," 1879; "The Praise of Books," 1880. The honorary de- gree of LL.D. was conferred upon him by Greeneville and Tusculum College in 1869.


M.A., F.R.S., was born May 15*

1847, at 22, Old Burlington-street^ London, and educated at St. Paul's School, London, and Christ Church, Oxford. He was appointed Fellow and Lecturer of Exeter College, Oxford, in 1872, and Professor of ^)ology and Comparative Anatomy in University College, London, in 1874. In 1878 the professorship held by Mr. Lankester was selected by Mr. Jodrell for endowment, with the interest of £7fiO0, and subse- quently large laboratories and a museum adapted both to dass teaching and to the pursuit of ori- ginal investigations in the field of natural history were placed at his disposal by the council of the Col- lege ; the arrangements carried out under Professor Lankester's direc- tion are the most complete of their kind. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1875. He has published more than a hundred scientific memoirs (dating from 1865), mostly on oomparatave ana- tomy and palfldontology, the chic^ of which are " A Monograph of the Fossil Fishes of the Old Red Sand- stone of Britain, Part I." 1870; "Comparative Longevity," 1871; " Contaributiona to the Develop- mental History of the Mollusca" (Philos. Trans. Royal Society), 1876; " Degeneration, a chapter in Darwinism,^' 1880; "Limulus an Arachnid," 1881 ; and the English editions of Haeckel's " History of Creation," and of Gegenbaur's " Comparative Anatomy." Besides these he has published numerous shorter memoirs, and has constantly contributed reviews and articles to the i>ages of the Athenmtm, the Academy, and Nature. Since 1869, when he joined his father, the late Dr. Edwin Lankester, in that work, he has been chief editor of ihe Quarterly Journal of Microeeopical Sdenee. During the years 1870-74, he was one of the sectional secre- taries of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and organised the annual museimi