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Leader— LEATHEs.


the Sublime Porte, Mr. Layard was chosen bj Lord Beaconsfleld to be our Ambassador. He arrived at Constantinople April 24, 1877. The Order of the Grand Cross of the Bath was conferred on him in June, 1878, just before the assembling of the Congress of the Ghreat Powers at Berlin. In April, 1880, when Mr. Gladstone returned to power. Sir H. Layard received leave of absence from his post at Constantinople, and his place was soon after- wards taken by Mr. Goschen, the latter going out as special Am- baasador.

LEADER, Brnjahin Williams, A.R.A., son of the late Mr. E. Leader Williams, C.E., was born at Worcester, March 12, 1831. He received his earliest instruction in art at the School of Design in his native city. Li 1854 he was admitted a student in the Royal Academy, and in the same year exhibited his first picture, "Cottage Children Blowing Bubbles," which was bought for £50 by an American gentleman. Two years later Mr. Leader visited Scotland, having till then seen no hills higher than the Malvems. Since then he has be- come one of the most popular de- lineators of mountain scenery, Wales and Switzerland being his favourite sketching-grounds. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy Jan. 16, 1883. Mr. Leader has ex- hibited pictures in the Royal Aca- demy since 1856. His most important pictures since then are " A Moated Grange," 1868 ; " The Streams through the Birch Wood," 1871; "Mountain SoUtude," 1873 ; "Wild Waters," 1876 j "Barges passing a Lock on the Thames," " An English Hayfield," and " A November Even- ing after Rain," 1876 ; " The Valley of Clear Springs," and " Lucerne," 1877 J "View of the Wetterhom," 1878; "The Last Gleam," 1879; "A Gleam in the Storm," 1880; "February fill Dyke," 1881; "In the Evening there shall be light," 1882 ; " Parting Day," " Green

Pastures and Si^U Waters," and "An Autumn Evening," 1883.

LEATHES, Thb Rbv. Stanley, M.A., was born March 21, 1830, at EUesborough, Bucks, being son of the Rev. Chaloner Stanley Loathes, rector of that parish. He was edu- cated at Jesus College, Cambridge (B.A. 1852, Tyrwhitt University Scholar 1853, M.A. 1855), was or- dained by Dr. Hamilton, bishop of Salisbury, in 1856, and became curate successively of St. Martin's, Salisbury, St. Luke's, Berwick Street, and St. James's, Westmin- ster. Mr. Loathes succeeded Dr. M'Caul as Professor of Hebrew in King's College, London, in 1863. He was appointed by the Arch- bishop of Canterbury (Dr. Tait) Boyle Lecturer in 1867, and held this office from 1868 to 1870. He became minister of St. Philip's, Regent Street, in 1869. He was elected Hulsean Lecturer in the university of Cambridge for the year 1873, and Bampton Lecturer at Oxford for the year 1874. He was appointed Warburtonian Lec- turer at Lincoln's Inn, by the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, Lord Mans- field, and Lord Selbome, in 1876, an office which is tenable for four years. The University of Edin- burgh conferred on him the honor- ary degree of D.D., March 2, 1878. Mr. Leathes, who was invited by Convocation to join in the revision of the Authorised Version of the Old Testament, is the author of " The Witness of the Old Testament to Christ," being the Boyle Lectures for 1868 ; " The Witness of St. Paul to Christ;" "TheWitnessof St. John to Christ ; " " University Sermons ; " a " Hebrew Grammar ; " " Truth and Life," short sermons, 1872; " Struc- ture of the Old Testament," a series of popular essays, 1873 ; "The Gos- pel ite Own Witness," 1874, being the Hulsean Lectures delivered in the preceding year; "Religion of the Christ" (Bampton Lectures), 1874; and "The Christian Creed: its Theory and Practice. With a