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founded by Pius IX. to impart a special training to young ecclesi- astics distinguished by their ac- n* -ements. His Holiness named ochowski Domestic Prelate and Protonotary Apostolic, and also sent him on a diplomatic mission to Madrid and as Auditor of the Nunciature to Lisbon, Bio de Janeiro, and Santiago de Chili. He was nominated Archbishop of . The- bes, in pari'Ums tnfidelxv/m, on his appointment, Sept. 80, 1861, to the Nunciature of Brussels, where he remained four years. In Jan., 1866, he was translated to the arch- bishopric of Gnesen and Posen, and as the occupant of that see he possesses the title of Primate of Poland. In consequence of his resistance to the laws enacted in Prussia against the Church, he was, in 1874, cast into prison, and he was actually incarcerated in the dungeons of Ostrowo when he was proclaimed a Cardinal by the Pope in a secret consistory held in Borne, March 16, 1875. He was released from captivity Feb. 8, 1876. Being banished from his diocese he pro- ceeded to Bome, where he took possession of his "title, the church of Santa Maria in AraCoali (May 11). LEE, The Bit. Alfbid Theo- FHiLUS, LL.D., D.C.L., is son of the late Sir J. Theophilus Lee, of Leominster Hall, Torquay, DX. for Middlesex and Westminster. He was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge, of which college he was Foundation Scholar and Porteus gold medallist. He graduated M.A. in 1856, hon. LL.D. of the University of Dublin in 1866, and D.C.L. of Oxford in the following year. He was ordained in 1853 to the curacy of Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, and was subsequently senior curate of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, vicar of Elson, rector of Ahoghill, in the north of Ireland, rural dean and chaplain to the Duke of Abercom when Lord Lieutenant, and proctor for the diocese in the National Synod. Since 1871 he has been

secretary of the Church Defence Institution. He was elected to the preachership at Gray's-Inn in Nov., 1879. Dr. i«e is the author of the "History of Tetbury" and of various sermons and pamphlets on theological questions.

LEE, Sib Edwabd, F.S JL., born Oct. 16, 1833, at the Vicarage House, Thame, Oxfordshire, is the younger son of the late Bev. Frede- rick Lee, M.A., Bector of Easing- ton, of an old family long resident in that county, one member of which was Chuicellor of the Uni- versity of Oxford. He was edu- cated at the Grammar School of Thame, and afterwards studied art in London. After having been for some years manager of the Literary and Scientific Department of the Crystal Palace, he was appointed by Sir Arthur Guinness, Director of the Dublin Exhibition of 1872, which, under his counsel and man- agement, proved a great success. In acknowledgment of his constant and indefatigable labours, the Lord- Lieutenant (Earl Spencer), at the closing ceremonial, conferred upon him the honour of knighthood, 1872. He was for awhile Managing Director of tiie Alexandra Palace, but is now again Director of the Exhibition Palace in Dublin; and has been a contributor to various literary and artistic publications.

LEE, The Bev. Fbbdsbick George, D.C.L., F.S.A., born Jan. 6, 1832, at Thame Vicarage, Oxford- shire, is the eldest son of the late Bev. Frederick Lee, M.A., rector of Easington, in that county. He was educated at the Grammar School, Thame, and at St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, where he gpraduated S.C JL., and became both a imiversity and college prizeman in 1854. He was afterwards a student of Cuddesden Theological College, and was or- dained deacon in 1854, and priest in 1856, by the Bishop of Oxford. He haa been curate of Sunningwell, Berks, assistant minister of Ber- keley Chapel, and inoombent of