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St. Mary's, Aberdeen. He was created hon. D.C.L. Nov. 20, 1864, and hon. D.D. of the Washington and Lee University at Lexington in Virginia, in June, 1879. At present he is vicar of All Saints', Lambeth. Dr. Lee founded and edited the Union Review from 1863 to 1869, and was hon. secretary of the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christenidom, from 1867 to 1869. He is likewise one of the originators and officers of the Order of Corporate Reunion, which was established in 1877. He is the author of "Poems," 2nd edit. 1866; "The Words from the Cross," 3rd edit. 1880; "The Gospel Message," 1860; "The St. George's Riots: a Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P.," 3rd edit. 1860; "The Cheyne Case: a Letter to Adam Urquhart, Sheriff of Wigtonshire," 3rd edit. 1860; "The King's Highway, and other Poems," 1866; "The Martyrs of Vienne and Lyons, an Oxford Prize Poem," 3rd edit. 1866; " The Message of Reconciliation," 2nd edit. 1868; "The Church of England and Political Parties: a Letter to the Right Hon. Gathome Hardy, M.P.," 2nd edit. 1868 ; " Petronilla, and other Poems," 2nd edit. 1869 ; " The Beauty of Holiness," 4th edit. 1869 ; "Parochial and Occasional Ser- mons," 1869 ; " Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell," 3rd edit. 1870 ; and "The Validity of the Holy Orders of the Church of England maintained and vindicated," 1870. As editor he has published " Prayers for the Beunion of Christendom," 1864 ; " Sermons on Beunion," 1864, second series, 1866 ; " Sancta Clara on the Thirty-nine Articles," 1866 ; " Miscellaneous Sermons," 1866 ; "Essays on Beunion," 1867; "Altar Service Book for the Church of England," 1868; "The Book of the Epistles," 1868 ; "The Book of the Gospels," 1868 ; " Manuale Clerioorum," 1870; " Directoriiun Anglicanum," 4th edit., 1870 ;

"Lyrics of Light and Life," 2nd edit., 1878. He has also written " The Christian Doctrine of Prayer for the Departed," 1872 ; " The Bells of BotteviUe Tower, and other Poems," 1873 ; " Glimpses of the Supernatural," 1874; "Beoent Legislation and its Dangers: a Letter to the Lord Bishop of Win- chester," 1875 ; " Memorials of the Bev. B. S. Hawker," 1876 ; " Glos- sary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Terms," 1876 ; " The Bepeal of the Public Worship Begulation Act : a Letter to Lord Cairns," 1877 ; " More Glimpses of the World Unseen," 1878; "Historical Sketches of the Bef ormation," 1879 ; " The Church under Queen Elizabeth," 1880 ; " Order out of Chaos," 1881 ; " Be- ginald Barentyne ; or. Liberty with- out Limit: a Tale of the Times," 1881 ; " The Need of Spiritual Au- thority," 3rd edit., 1882; and "The History and Antiquities of the Prebendal Church of the B. V. Mary of Thame," 1882. Dr. Lee has been a contributor to the Eccle- siastic, the Christian Remembrancer, the Qentleman's Mctgasine, the Con^ temporary Review, the Nineteenth Centvry, and the Ecclesiologist,

LEE, John Edwabd, F.S.A., P.G.S., was born Dec. 21, 1808, at Newland, near Hull. For some years he was the Hon. Secretary of the Hull Boyal Institution, and studied geology under the late Professor PhiUips. He has, how- ever, written nothing on geology with the exception of a few papers in the journals, though he has amassed a large private collection of fossils. In 1841 he removed to Caerleon, in Monmouthshire, and took an active part in forming the County Antiquarian Association, of which for more than 26 years he was the Honorary Secretary, and as an amateur artist he contnbuted to most of its periodicals. In 1862, he published "Isca Silurum," or an illustrated catalogue of the Bo- man remains found at Caerleon, the ancient capital of the Siluri, and in