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1866 appeared his translation and re-arrangement of Dr. Keller's " Lake Dwellings," a second edition of which appeaured in 1878. in two volumes. He has also published " Boman Imperial Photographs," 1874 ; and " Boman Imperial Pro- files ; being a series of more than 160 Lithographic Profiles enlarged from Coins," 1874 j a translation of Conrad Merk's " Excavations at the Kesslerloch, near Thayngen, Swit- zerland, a Cave of the Beindeer Period," 1876; and "The Note- Book of an Amateur Geologist," 1881. For twenty-eight years he has been in the commission of the peace for Monmouthshire, but he is now residing at Torquay, and he is one of the local secretaries of the Society of Antiquaries for Devon- shire.

LEE, BicHABD, dramatist and journalist, son of Charles Lee, B.N., was born Feb. 10, 1828, and edu- cated at King's College School, London. Devoted to literary pur- suits from an early age, he became associated as oonlSibutor with various publications. He retired from the office of dramatic critic of the Morning Advertiser upon the production of his first play, " Ordeal by Touch," at the Queen's Theatre, in May, 1872. He has also written "Chivalry," brought out at the Globe, Sept. 18, 1873.

LEEDS, Bishop of. (See Cobn-


LEES, Edwin, F.L.S., F.G.S., bom at Worcester, May 12, 1800, was educated there, and afterwards at a private school in Birmingham, the Principal of which had at that time as Ushers his two sons, one of whom (Mr. M. D. Hill) was after- wards ciEdled te the bar, and became Becorder of Birmingham, and the other was eventual^ Sir Bowland Hill, celebrated for his successful efforts in postal reform. Having been brought up te oommerci^ pursuite, he abandoned them for the more congenial studies of otany and natural histery. The

natural history of Worcestershire in particidar has been his study, and he assisted the late Sir Charles Hastings in establishing the Woiv cestershire Natural History Society, of which he was the first Hon. Curator ; and became the first pre- sident of the Worcestershire and vice-president of the Malvern Natu- ralists' Club. He is well known as a lecturer and writer on botany, and has written "The Botanical Looker-out in England and Wales ; " " The Affinities of Plante and Ani- mals, their Analogies and Associa- tions ; " " Pictures of Nature around the Malvern Hills and Vale of Sevem j " " The Botany of the Malvern Hills," which has passed through three editions; also some poeti<»l pieces, and numerous papers in magazines devoted to botany and natural history, besides various articles in the "Transac- tions " of the Woolhope (Hereford- shire^ and Malvern Field Clubs, and in the Worcester Journal. He pubUshed "The Botany of Wor- cestershire," in 1868. A series of articles from his pen on remarkable and curious old trees, relics of the English forests, appeared in the Gardeners* Chronicle, In 1869 the members of the Worcestershire and Malvern Naturaliste' Clubs pre- sented Mr. Lees with his portrait and a breakfast service of plate in acknowledgment of his services ex- tending over more than a quarter of a century. In 1877 he produced " The Forest and Chace of Malvern, ite Ancient and Present State ; with notices of the most remarkable Old Trees within ite confines." His latest production is a volume en- titled "Scenery and Thought, in Poetical Pictures of various Lsoid- scape Scenes and Incidente," 1880. LEFEVBE, The Bioht Hon. Geobob John Shaw-, M.P., son of Sir John (Jeorge Shaw-Lefevre, K.C.B., by Bachel Emily, daughter of Mr. Ichabod Wright, of Mf^per- ley Hall, NottJngham, was born in 1882, and received his education at