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Hareem/' " Psamathe," and "Cre- naia," 1880; "Elisha raising the Son of the Shunamite," " Portrait of the Painter/' painted by invita- tion for the collection of portraits of artists painted by themselves^ in the Uffizii Gallery, Florence ; "Idyll," "Whispers," "Viola," and " Bianca," 1881 ; " Day- dreams," "Wedded," "Phryne at Elensis," "Antigone," and "Me- Uttion," 1882 J "The Dance," a decorative frieze for- a drawing- room in a private house, " Vestal," "Kittens," and " Memories," 1883, In the Portfolio for 1870 is a photo- graph of the group of " The Five Foolish Virgins," reproduced from the reredos of St. Michael's Church, Lyndhurst, situate on the borders of the New Forest. In painting this wall-picture Mr. Leighton made use of a new medium tried by Mr. Gkunbier Parry at High- ham, near Gloucester, and in the nave- vault of Ely Catiiedral. Mr. Leighton has executed many draw- ings for the wood-engravers, among which maybe named uie illustrations to George Eliot's Florentine tale of 'Eomola." Mr. Leighton was elected an Associate of the Boyal Academy in 1864, and an Academician in 1869. He was chosen President of the Boyal Academy in succession to the late Sir Francis Grant, Nov. 18, 1878, and a few days later re- ceived the honour of knighthood. In the same year he was nominated an Officer of the Legion of Honour. In 1879 he was created an honorary LL.D. of Cambridge, and an hono- rary D.C.L. of Oxford. Sir F. Leighton was for many years Colonel of the Artists' corps of Volunteers : he resigned that com- mand in July, 1883. He accepted, in Aug. 1888, the presidency of an English commission which was formed for the International Exhi- bition of the Graphic Arts in Vienna.

LEIGHTON, John, F.S.A., artist, descended from the Leigh- tons of Ulysseshaven, Forfarshire,

N.B., was bom, Sept. 15, 1822, in the parish of St. James's, West- • minster, and became a pupil of Mr. Howard, R.A. His first published work was a series of outlines in 1844, but prior to this he had con- tributed to cartoon exhibitions. About 1848-50 he published several serio-comic brochures under the nom de guerre of " Luke Limner," being satires on art principles, then little Tvuderstood. In 1851 Mr. Leighton aided Owen Jones in arranging the first World's Fair in Hyde Park. About this time our artist produced a series of twenty -four outlines, entitled " Money j" finding time also to aid in the foundation of the first School of Drawing for Artizans. To aid design he produced the first book in which all styles were used as motifs. This work he greatly extended and republished in 1881, under its old title of " Sugges- tions in Design." With Bossetti and many members of the advanced school he promoted a Free Exhibi- tion of Pictures, and with Eoger Fenton founded the Photographic Society. In 1859-60 Mr. Leighton sat in committee with the first artists at the Sodety of Arts in codifying the Copyright Acts, under the presidency of Sir Charles East- lake, P.B.A. In 1877 he assisted at the Antwerp Congress, and again in Paris, 1878, at ttie Louvre, under the presidency of M. Meissonier. Mr. Leighton has great biblio- graphical and typographical expe- rience, having lectured on "Libra- ries and Books," on "Orienta Art," and " Binocular Perspec- tive." He contributed suggestions to the Boyal Academy Commission in favour of the removal to Bur- lington House, reporting upon the future art library there. It was at Mr. Leighton's suggestion that Earl Sydney, the Lord Chamber- lain, in 1869 modified and amelio- rated the court costume at St. James's. In 1870 appeared the Cfraphic, and in it an ingenious scheme for indexing London in