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hexagonal superficial miles. This* map is now in the possession of the Board of Works. Mr. Leighton has visited most of the Continental museums and schools. In 1873 he made an extended tour in Bussia^ Caucasia, and Georgia, for the pur- pose of studying the Byzantine Art of the Greek Church, returning by way of the Crimea. He has iUustrated " The Moral Emblems," "The Lym Germanica," and the

  • ' Life of Man Symbolised ; " hitting

at fashion's folly in a very popular little book, " Madre Natura." In 1871 appeared three editions of " Paris under the Commune," edited and illustrated by our artist, who had his atelier blown up with gunpowder by the communards and his concierge shot. Mr. Leighton served on the commissions of the Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862, taking first-class medals in Lon- don, also at Paris, 1855 and 1867, and at Philadelphia in 1867. In 1878 he assisted as a juror at Paris. LEITNEE, Gottlieb William, M.A., Ph.D., born at Pesth, capital of Hungary, Oct. 14, 1840, is a naturalized British subject, and has several relatives living in Eng- land. He was educated at Con- stantinople, Brussa, Malta, and King's College, London; was ap- pointed Firrt-class Interpreter to the British Commissariat during the Russian war, in 1855 ; was lec- turer in Arabic, Turkish, and Mo- dem Ghreek at King's College, London, in 1859 ; and Professor of Arabic with Muhammadan Law at the same institution, in 1861, when he founded the Oriental section. The degrees of M.A. and Ph.D. were conferred upon him by the University of Freiburg, in 1862. He has founded over seventy insti- tutions, including the Punjaub^ University College, a number of schools of various grades, literary societies and free public libraries in India and elsewhere; and has started six journals in English, Arabic, Urdu, &c. Dr. Leitner dis-

covered the languages and races of Dardistan in 1866 ; and he haa since incorporated other langnaffes between Kabul, Kashmir, and Ba- dakhshar in his researches. He was the only British exhibitor at the Vienna Universal Exhibition of 1873, who, in competition with the Ministries of Education of all civilised countries, received the only Grand Diploma of Honour that was awarded for "promotion of education." He brought over the first Tarkandi and the first Siah Posh Kafir to Europe, as well as the largest Central Araan collec- tion of curiosities and antiquities. He excavated Grseco-Buddhistic sculptures in 1870, and established a link between Greece at the time of Alexander the Great and Bud- dhist art and religion. Dr. Leitner originated and defended the title " Kaiser-i-Hind " in connection with Her Majesty's assumption of the Imperial dignity in India, long before its adoption by the Indian Government. On the historical occasion of the Delhi Imperial Assemblage, held on the 1st Jan., 1877, the Viceroy (Lord Lytton) re- ferred to his "successful services in the cause of education as an honour to India and to all of us," in reply to the address of an influ- ential deputation of native chiefs and others which Dr .Leitner headed. On this occasion also the Viceroy promised to raise Dr. Leitner's main creation, the University College, to the rank of a full University in all the ordinarv Faculties, with the exception of Theology, besides re- cognizing its functions not only as an examining, but also as a teach- ing, body, and an academy for the initiation of original research and the production of original works in the Oriental languages, and of trans- lations from European languages into the vernaculars of India. Dr. Leitner also caused consider- able excavations to be made by his retainers in Swat, which yielded numerous Grseco-Buddhistic sculp-