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1873; "L'Amour et la Folie," 1874 J "Le Ruisseau" and "Le Bateau/' 1875; "Le Saule" and "Baigneuse," 1876; "Meta su- dans/' 1877; "CaUgula," 1878; and " Les Jeunes ^poux," 1879.

LEWIS, The Right Rkv. John Tbavbbs, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Ontario, born in 1827, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated as senior moderator in ethics and log^c, and was gold medallist. He was ordained in 1848, and held the curacy of New- town-Butler, went to Canada in 1850, and was appointed by the bishop of Toronto to the paistoral charge of the parish of Hawkes- bury, which he exchanged in 1854 for the rectory of Brookville. He was appointed first Bishop of Ontario, in Upper Canada, Jan. 25, 1862.

LEWIS, The Eight Bev. BicHABD, D.P., Bishop of Llandaff, bom about 1822, was educated at Worcester College, Oxford (B.A. 1843; M.A. 1846). He was col- lated to the rectory of Lampeter- Velfry, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, in 1851, and was appointed Arch- deacon of St. David's in 1875. In 1883 he was appointed Bishop of Llandaff in succession to Dr. Olli- yant, and was consecrated to that see by the Archbishop of Canter- bury (Dr. Benson), in St. Paul's Cathedral, on April 25.

LEWIS, William Jambs, M.A., bom near Newtown, Montgomery- shire, Jan. 16, 1847, was elected a scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, in Oct., 1865, and obtained a first class in the University examinations in mathematics and natural science. He was elected a Fellow of Oriel College, in April, 1879. For some time he was assistant-master at Cheltenham College. He was a member of the total eclipse expedi- tions (English) of 1870 and 1871, and his observations on the polariza- tion of the corona have been pub- lished in the volume of Solar Eclipses issued under the auspices

of the Boyal Astronomical Society. In 1874 he commenced the study of mineralogy, and for that purpose went to Cambridge, where he re- ceived the valuable assistance of Professor William Hallows Miller. He held an appointment in the Mineral Department of the British Museum from 1875 to 1877, in which latter year he resigned, owing to ill-health. He has contributed several papers on Crystallography to the PhUosophieal McLgcaine, In Feb. 1881, he was elected Professor of Mineralogy at Cambridge, in succession to the late Dr. WilHam Hallows Miller.

LICHFIELD, Bishop of. (See Maclagan.)

LIDDELL, The Vebt Bev. Hbnby Geqbge, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, eldest son of the late Bev. H. G. Liddell (formerly rector of Easington, Dur- ham, and brother of the late Lord Bavensworth), was born in 1811. Having been educated at the Char- terhotise, and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he took a double first-class in 1883, he became suc- cessively Tutor and Censor of Christ Church, Public Examiner in Clas- sics, Select Preacher, and Proctor of the University, Head Master of Westminster School, a member of the Oxford University Commission, Domestic Chaplain to the late Prince Albert, and Chaplain Extraordinary to the Queen. He succeeded Dr. Gaisford as Dean of Christ Church in 1855, and became Vice-Chancel- lor of the University of Oxford in 1870. He has written "A History of Bome," published in 1855, which has gone through mai^ editions, and is joint author of " Liddell and Scott's Greek Lexicon," which first appeared in 1843, and of which the seventh edition, greatly augmented, was published in 1883.

LIDDON, The Bev. Henbt Paebt, D.D., D.C.L., Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, born in 1829, became a student of Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated BJl.