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says," 1875, on the literature of the present day ; " Alfred de Musset," 1877. His critical works include

  • ' Litterarische Bucksichtslosigkei-

ten/' 1870; "Harmlose Brief eeines deutschen Kleinstadters/' 1871, 2nd edit., 1879 ; " Dramaturgishe Blatter," 2 vols. 1876 j "Niichteme Brief e aus Baireuth," 1876 ; " Ueber- flussige Briefe an eine Freundin," 1877. His principal dramatic pro- ductions are "Theater," 1873-75, containing " Marion," *' In diplo- matischer Sendung "( On a Diplo- matic Mission), " Maria un^ Mag- dalena," " Diana," and " Ein Er- folg ; " also "Aunt Theresa," 1876 ;

    • The Apple of Discord," 1876 ;

" Johannistrieb," 1879 ; " Grafin Lea," 1880 ; " Verschiimte Arbeit," 1880. Among his miscellaneous writings may be mentioned, "At Venice," 1863 ; " At Paris," 1865 j " Kleine Geschichten," 1871; "Mo- deme Marchen," 1871 ; '* VemOg- nngsreisen," 1875 ; " Wie ein Lust- spiel entsteht und vergeht," 1877, and " Zwei emsthafte Geschich- ten," 1877.

LINDLEY, The Right Hon. Sib Nathaniel, is the eldest son of the late Dr. John Lindley, F.R.S. (Pro- fessor of Botany at University Col- lege, London, and author of nume- rous well-known botanical works), by Sarah, daughter of Mr. George Anthony Freestone, of St. Mar- garet's, Suffolk. .He was born at Acton Green, Middlesex, in 1828, and educated at University Col- lege, London. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, in Michaelmas term, 1850, and practised in the Chancery courts. In 1872 he obtained a sUk gown. He was appointed a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in May, 1875, on which occasion he received the honour of knighthood. He became one of the Lords Jus- tices of the Court of Appeal in Nov. 1881, and a member of the Privy Council in the following month. He is the author of an " Introduc- tion to the Study of Jurisprudence,"

and of a " Treatise on the Law of Partnership and Companies."

LINDSAY, Sib Coutts, of Bal- carres, born in 1824, late Lieu- tenant-Colonel Grenadier Chiards ; Lieutenant - Colonel commanding the Fife Eifle Volunteers ; and late Major commanding the first regi- ment of the Italian Legion, has, since his retirement from active military life, devoted himself to artistic pursuits. During his resi- dence at Bome he became an inti- mate friend of the late Mr. Gibson, and embracing art as a serious study enjoyed the advantage of the instruction of Ary Scheffcr. Sir Coutts Lindsay, whom profes- sional artists decline to consider as an amateur, has exhibited many pictures at the Boyal Academy, notably the " Good Shepherd " and a portrait of " Lord Somers." His most important work is, perhaps, to be found in Dorchester House, the central haU of which is deco- rated entirely from his designs, and mainly by his own hand. Strongly imbued with the Early Italian idea of painting, for decorative purposes, upon a golden ground, he has left in Mr. Holford's mansion a substan- tial record of his skill. He is a trustee of the National Gallery, and was on the English Commis- sion, and a member of the Fine Arts Committee of the Paris Exhi- bition. He is the owner of the Grosvenor Gallery. In building this receptacle of art he was not actuated by any spirit of opposition to the Boyal Academy, but rather by the idea of affording an increased area to artists for the exhibition of their works.

LINDSEY, Chables, the Nestor of Canadian journalism, was born in Lincolnshire, England, on the 7th of Feb., 1820. At the age of twenty-two he emigrated to C^ada, and in 1846 joined the staff of the Toronto Examiner, a newspaper that had been founded by the Hon. (now Sir) Francis Hinc]i», at the period of the Canadian BebeUion, in the