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Allah, Abu All Manzour Ben Mus- tali, tenth caliph of the Fatimite dynasty, London, 1849 j "A Dic- tionary of the Circassian lan- guage/' in two parts, English- Circassian-Turkish and Circassian- English-Turkish, 1854; "Memoir on the Lemlein Medal," 1857 ; be- sides numerous *' Discourses " and papers in the Transactions of learned societies.

LOEWE, William, M.D., a leading German politician, born at Olvenrtedt, near Magdeburg, Nov. 14, 1814. He studied at the Gym- nasium of Magdeburg, and at the University of !^lle, where he gradu- ated as Doctor of Medicine. His first appearance in political life was in 1848, when he was elected Delegate to the Frankfort Parlia- ment. He was President of the "Gterman Parliament'* after its secession to Stuttgart. Pursued on account of this circumstance, he went into exile, and remained abroad till 1861, when a general amnesty opened the way for him to return. During his exile he lived two years in Switzerland, two in London, and eight in New York. Since his return to his native coun- try he has divided his time between the practice of his profession and legislative work. He is a member both of the Prussian House of Deputies and of the Reichstag, and was, until 1876, when he refused re-election, first Vice-President of the latter. Dr. Loewe is, or long was, leader of the Fortschritts party, or *' Progressists," and he still holds firmly to abstract principles of ad- vanced Liberalism.

LOPTUS, The Right Hon. Lord Augustus William Frbdebick Spencsb, G.C.B., commonly called LoBD Augustus Loftus, the fourth son of the second Marquis of Ely, by the daughter of Sir H. W. Dashwood, Bart., was born in 1817, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took the de- gree of M.A. Entering the Diplo-

matic Service, he was api)ointed Attach^ at Berlin in 1837, and paid Attach^ at Stuttgart in 1844. He accompanied Sir Stratford Canning (afterwards Viscount Stratford de Beddiffe) on his special mission to the Courts of Berlin, Vienna, Mu- nich and Athens, in March, 1848. He was appointed Secretary of Le- gation at Stuttgart in 1852; and at Berlin in 1853 ; and Envoy Ex- traordinary and Minister Plenipo- tentiary at Vienna in March, 1858. He was appointed by the Queen to represent Her Majesty at the mar- riage of His Serene Highness Prince Leiningen with the ftincess Mary of Baden, at Carlsruhe, in Aug., 1858. In Dec, 1860, he was trans- ferred to Berlin. On the elevation of the Mission at Berlin to the rank of an Embassy, he was transferred, Oct. 28, 1862, to Munich, which was on that occasion raised to the rank of a First-class Mission. He was created a K.C.B., Dec. 12, 1862 ; was promoted to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the King of Prussia, Jan. 19, 1866 ; and was made a G.C.B., July 6, 1866. He was appointed Ambas- sador Extraordinary and Plenipo- tentiary to the Nortii German Con- federation, Feb. 24, 1868; was sworn a Privy Councillor, Nov. 11, 1868 ; and was appointed Ambassa- dor Extraordinary and Plenipoten- tiary to the Emi)eror of Russia, Oct. 16, 1871. The latter post he held till Feb., 1879, when he was appointed Governor of New South Wales.

LONDON, Bishop of. (See Jack- son, Db.)

LONGSTREET, Gbn. Jambs, bom in South Carolina in 1820. He graduated at the Military Aca- demy at West Point in 1842, and was on duty on the Mexican frontier till 1846 ; took part in the Mexican war, 1846-48, where he was wounded ; attuned the rank of Captain and a Major's brevet ; served subsequently in Texas and as Paymaster in the U.S. army, being promoted Major