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wards. In Aprils 1868, he was returned to the House of Commons, in the Conservative interest, as member for Launceston. He was re-elected in Dec, 1868, and he continued to sit for that borough till Jan., 1874. The Warrington Park property having in the mean- time changed hands, it then became necessary for Mr. Lopes either to oppose the new owner, or to seek for another seat. Choosing the latter alternative, he determined to stand for Frome, near which borough he had a residence and property. After a severe contest he was re- turned by 64j2 votes, against 557 recorded in favour of Mr. Willans, the Liberal candidate. He con- tinued to represent Frome until his elevation to the judicial bench. Mr. Lopes was a frequent speaker in the House of Commons, and he succeeded in carrying through that House a Jury Bill, containing more than a hundred sections, but there was not sufficient time to get it passed by the House of Peers. On Nov. 3, 1876, Mr. Lopes accepted the vacant judgeship in. the Court of Common Pleas, in succession to the late Mr. Justice Archibald, and very shortly afterwards he received the honour of knighthood. In Nov., 1876, on the death of his maternal uncle. Sir Henry Lopes became the owner of Heywood, near Westbury, Wiltshire, a place which had been for many years in his mother's family, ?ynd where he now resides. In 185 i he married Cordelia Lucy, daughter of Ewing Clarke, Esq., of Efford Manor, near Plymouth, and thus became con- nected with the old Cornish families of Molesworth and Trelawny.

LOENE, Sib John Geobqe Ed- WABD Henby Douglas Suthbb- LAND Campbell, G.C.M.G., called by courtesy the Mabquis of, eldest son of the Duke of Argyll, was born at Stafford House, Lon- don, in 1845. He was elected M.P. for Argyleshire, in the Liberal in- terest, in Feb. 1868, and in Dec. of

the same year he became private secretary to his father at the India Office. The chief event of his life was his marriage with the Princess Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, on March 21, 1871, on which occasion he was created a Knight of the Thistle. The mar- riage ceremony was performed in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, by the Bishop of London, assisted by the Bishops of Winchester, Oxford, and Worcester. A trifling work, by the Marquis of Lome, entitled " A Trip to the Tropics, and Home through America," was published in 1867. It was followed by " Guide and Lita : a Tale of the Riviera," a poem, 1875; and "The Psalms lite- rally rendered in Verse," 1877. In July, 1878, he accepted the post of Governor-General of the Dominion of Canada, in succession to Lord Dufferin. He was soon afterwards created a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of SS. Michael and George. Accompanied by the Prin- cess Louise, he proceeded to Canada (Nov. 1878), where he had a most enthusiastic reception. His term of office expired in 1883, when he was succeeded by the Marquis of Lans- downe.

LOSSING, Benson John, LL.D., bom at Beekman, New York, Feb. 12, 1813. After working some years at watch-making, he became, in 1835, joint owner and editor of the Poughkeepsie Telegraph. He soon added to this a semi-monthly lite- rary journal called the Poughkeepsie Casket, and studied wood-engraving and drawing, to be able to illustrate it. About 1838 he settled in New York as a wood-engraver, publish- ing also the Family Magazine. In 1841 he published " An Outline History of the Fine Arts." In 1847 he published " Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-six," and in 1848, " Lives of the Signers of the Decla- ration of Independence," and "Pic- torial Field Book of the Revolu- tion." His other works are, an " Illustrated History of the United