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fire in the Bay of Biscay. Of the 557 passengers, who were rescued, on March 1, 1825, by Capt. William Cooke, of the Cambria, the subject of the present memoir, then but a few weeks old, was one. His edu- cation commenced in King's School, Canterbury, and was continued, owing to the remoyal of his father's regiment, in many other schools. PK>ceeding to Trinity College, Dublin, he gained three first prizes. He then entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and graduated as B.A. and a Wrangler. In 1845, Mr. MacGregor began to write and sketch for Punch. In 1847, he entered at the Inner Temple, and graduated as M.A. at Cambridge. Burins^ the Revolution in Paris of 1848, he visited that metropolis; and in 1849-50 made a tour in Europe and the Levant, and through Egypt and Palestine. In 1851, he was called to the bar. He subsequently visited Russia and every other country in Europe, as well as Algeria and Tunis, and the United States and Canada, and pub- lished an account of his observa- tions. In 1865, he made his first canoe voyage, and published, in 1866, his logbook, under the title of "A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe," which in 1871 had passed through eight editions. A new canoe, also called the Bob Roy, was constructed, fourteen feet in length, and weighing, with all its appara- tus complete, seventy poxmds. In this he made a voyage through Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark, Swe- den, Norway, and the Baltic, and published an account of his adven- tures in a volume, entitled, *'The Rob Roy on the Baltic." After this he made a cruise of 1,500 miles entirely alone in the yawl Rob Roy in the British Channel, and along the coast of France. An account of this cruise he published, under the title, "The Voyage {done in the Yawl Rob Roy." Perhaps the most successful of Mr. MacGregor's

voyages was his canoe cruise in Egypt, Palestine, and in the waters of Damascus. He published an account of it, entitled, "The Rob Roy on the Jordan," 1869; 4th edition, 1874. Mr. MacQregor is Captain of the Royal Canoe Club. In 1870, and again in 1873, he was elected a member of the Lon- don School Board, for the divi- sion of Greenwich ; and was chair- man of the Industrial Schools Com- mittee. In 1873, he married a daughter of Admiral Sir Crawford Caffin, E.C.B. He has contributed articles on marine propulsion and many minor papers to the Trans- actions of the British Association ; and is one of the Honorary Secre- taries of the Committee for erecting a memorial statue of William Tyn- dale, the martyr, on the Thames Embankment.

MACHRAY, The Right Riv. Robert, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Rupert's Land, Metropolitan of the Church in the Province of Ruperfs ' Land, born in 1832, was educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cam- bridge, where he graduated (B.A., 1855; M.A., 1858). He became Dean and Fellow of his college, and vicar of Madingley,near Cambridge, which benefice he resigned in 1865, on his appointment to the bishopric of Rupert's Land.

MACKARNESS, The Right Rev. John Fibldeb, D.D., Bishop of Ox- ford, son of John Mackamess, Esq., a West Indian merchant, by Catha- rine, daughter of George Smith Coxhead, Esq., was born Dec. 8, 1820, and received his education at Eton and at Morton College, Ox- ford, where he obtained a '* Post- { mastership." He took his BJL degree in 1841, when his name appears in the second class in clas- sics. Shortly afterwards he was elected to a fellowship at Exeter CoUege, but this he did not retain for any length of time, for in 1846, almost immediately after taking priest's orders, he was presented by the Clive family to the vicarage of