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Chile and Peru, 1879-81 " (3rd edit., 1883) ; translations of several works for the Hakluyt Society ; and papers in the Eoyal Geographical Society's Journal. He also wrote the Eeports on the Moral and Material Progress of India for 1871-72, and 1872-78. Mr. Markham was editor of the Geographical Magazine from 1872 to 1878.

MARKS, Hknbt Stacy, E.A., was born in London, Sept. 18, 1829. He studied drawing at Leigh's Aca- demy in Newman Street. He gained admission as a student to the Boyal Academy in 1861. He was elected an Associate of the Boyal Academy in Jan., 1871 ; an Associate of the Water Colour Society in March the same year; and a Royal Academi- cian Dec. 19, 1878. Mr. Marks, whose forte is genre and quaint mediseyalism, has been a constant exhibitor at the Royal Academy since 1853. His principal pictures are, "Toothache in the Middle Ages," 1856 ; " Dogberry's Charge to the Watch/' 1859 j "The Fran- ciscan Sculptor," 1861; "Erperi- mental Gunnery in the Middle Ages," 1868 ; " St. Francis Preach- ing to the Birds," 1870 ; " Book- worm," 1871 ; " Ornithologist" and « What is it ?" 1878 ; " Capital and Labour," 1874; "Jolly Post Boys," 1875; "The Apothecary," 1876; " The Spider and the Fly," 1877 ; " Convocation," 1878 ; " Old Friends " and " Science in Measure- ment," 1879 ; " Author and Critics," 1881; "Jack Cade and Lord Say," 1882; "The Old Clock," "The Gentle Craft," and "The Professor," 1883 ; also several decorative works, both for private houses and public buildings. Among the latter may be named the proscenium friezes of the Gaiety Theatre, London, and of the Prince's Theatre, Manchester, the " Canterbury Pilgrims," and a series of 12 panels of birds for Eaton Hall, Chester, the seat of the Duke of Westminster.

MARRY AT, Flobbnce. (See Ross-Chubch, Mrs.)

MARSDEN, Alexander, M.D., son of the late William Marsden, M.D., was born Sept. 22, 1832, and educated at Wimbledon School and King's College, London. He took the degree of M.D. in 1862. He was elected Assistant-Surgeon to the Royal Free and Cancer Hospi- tals, and entered the Army in 1854 and served at the General Hospital^ Scutari. Early in 1855 he was i^ pointed Surgeon to the Ambulance Corps before Sebastopol, and re- mained on active service till the end of the Crimean war. He received the Crimean and Turkish war medaJp. On his return home, in 1866, he was appointed full Surgeon to the Royal Free and Cancer Hospitals, and subsequently Curator of the Museum and general Sux)erintendent of the former Institution. For 15 years Dr. Marsden worked at these two hospitals, seeing as many as 300 patients a week at the Royal Free, and about 70 to 80 at the Cancer. During the last 12 years he has devot^ himself to the latter Insti- tution only. In all probability no man has had anything like his im- mense experience in the treatment of this disease (cancer), not fewer than 15,000 cases having come under his observation. He is the author of "A New and Successful mode of treating certeiin forms of Cancer;" "Cancer Quacks and Cancer Curers ;" "The Treatment of Cancer by Chian Turpentine and all other Methods." He is editor of the 4th edition of the late Dr. W. Marsden's "Trea- tise on the Nature and Treatment of Cholera."

MARSDEN, The Right Reve- rend Samuel Edward, D.D.^ Bishop of Bathurst^ graduated B.A. at Trinity College, Cambridge^ in 1855, and M.A. in 1858. Having held several cures^ he was appointed Incumbent of Bengeworth, in Wor- cestershire. From 1861 to 1869 he was a diocesan Inspector of Schools. On June 29, 1869, he was consecrated Bishop of Bathurst, New South Wales.