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American Philological Association. Besides philological contributions to periodicals and learned societies, he has published, "A Method of Philological Study of the English Language/' 1865 ; " Parser and Analyzer for Beginners/' 1869 j " Anglo-Saxon Grammar/' 1870 ; and "An Introduction to Anglo- Saxon/' 1871. He also edited a volume of '* Latin Hymns/' and a series of "Christian Oreek and Latin Writers/'

MABIO, Giusippx (Marchese di Candia), singer, born at Turin in 1808, reoeived an excellent musical education, entered the Sardinian army as an officer in 1830, resigned his commission, and proceeded to Paris, where his admirable tenor voice gained him his first engage- ment at the Opera, at 1,500 francs per month. The Ms^rchese di' Oandia, on accepting it, changed his name to Mario, and, after two years' study at the Conservatory, came out; Dec. 2, 1888, in the opera of " Robert le Diable." His career was most triumphant: he took a principal part m all the great operas of IJie time, and became ex- tremely popular in England as well as on the Continent. Signer Mario took his final farewell of the Lon- don stage July 19, 1871, and it was soon afterwards announced that he would appear at Madrid, in the spring of 1872, to sing in opera. Afterwards he had the misfortime to fall into distressed circumstances, and in May, 1878, a concert was given at St. James's Hall for his benefit, the gross receipts of which amounted to jei,150. He was the husband of the late Madame Grisi.

MARITZBURG, Bishop or. (See MAGBOBrs, Bb.)

MAREHAM, Clements Robert, C.B., F.R.S., P.S.A., son of the Rev. David P. Markham, canon of Wind- sor, and of Catharine, daughter of Sir W. Milner, Bart., of Nunapple- ton, CO. York, was born July 20, 1880, at Stillingfleet, near York, was edu- cated at Westminster School, and

entered the Navy in 1844. He was appointed Naval Cadet on board H.M.S. ColUngwood, bearing the flag of Sir George Seymour, on the Pacific station, Midshipman in 1846, passed for a Lieutenant in 1850, and left the Navy in 1851. He became a clerk in the Board of Control in 1855, Assistant Secretary in the India Office in 1867, and was placed in charge of the geog^raphical de- partment of the India Office in 186H. From 1862 to 1861 he was Private Secretary to Mr. T. G. Baring (now Earl of Northbrook). He was ap- pointed Secretary to the Hakluyt Society in 1858, and was elected Secretary of the Royal Geographi- cal Society in 1863. Mr. Markham served in the Arctic exi)edition in search of Sir John Franklin in 1850- 51 ; explored Peru, and the forcEts of the Eastern Andes in 1852-54; introduced the cultivation of the Chinchona plant from South Ame- rica into India in 1860-61 ; visited Ceylon and India in 1865-66 j served as geographer to the Abyssinian expedition, and was present at the storming of MagdaJa in 1867-68; and was created a Companion of the Bath in 1871. In 1874 he was created by the King of Portugal a Commendador of the Order of Cfcist ; and by the Emperor of Brazil a Chevalier of the Order of the Rose. He is the author of "Franklin's Footsteps/' 1852 ; " Cuzco and Lima/' 1866; Travels in Peru and India/' 1862; "A Quichua Gram- mar and Dictionary/' 1863 ; " Span- ish Irrigation," 1867; "A History of the Abyssinian Expedition," 1869; "A Life of the Great Lord Fairfax/' 1870; "Ollanta, a Quichua Drama," 1871 ; " Memoir on the In- dian Surveys/' 1871 (2nd edit .,1878) ;

  • ' General Sketch of the History of

Persia/' 1873; "The Threshold of the Unknown Region/' 1874 (four editions) ; " A Memoir of the Countess of Chinchon," 1875 ; "Mis- sions to Tibet," 1877 (2nd edit., 1879); "Peruvian Bark," 1880; " Peru," 1880 ; " The War between