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MASKELL, William, M.A., only son of tiie late William Mas- kell, Esq., of Bath, born in 1814, and educated at University Col- lege, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1886, and M.A. in 1838, took orders in 1837, and was insti- tuted to the rectory of Corscombe, Dorset (of which he was patron), in 1842, resigning it in 1846. He was appointed chaplain to the Bishop of Exeter, and instituted to the vicar- age of St. Marychurch, Devon (in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter), in 1847. The "Gorham Case," in which Mr. Maskell had taken an active and prominent part, as chaplain of the Bishop of Exeter, was decided by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council early in 1850, and in June Mr. Maskell resigned his prefer- ments, and was received into the Boman Catholic Church. This step, however, was not taken imtil after a long and interesting corre- spondence with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Mr. Maskell has written "The Ancient Liturgfy of the Church of England," 1844; " The History of the Martin Mar- prelate Controversy," 1845 j " Monu- menta Bitualia Ecclesisd Angli- can®," 1846-7 J " A Dissertation on Holy Baptism, and " An Inquiry into the Doctrine of the Church of England upon Absolution," 1848 ; the" First ^' and "Second Letters on the Position of the High-Church Party in the Church of England," 1850 ; and " A Letter to Dr. Pusey on his Practice of Beceiving Con- fessions." His fine collection of English Kittials and Service Books was, in 1847, disposed of to the trustees of tlie British Museum, who purchased his collection of ancient and mediesval carvings in ivory, in 1858. His most recent publications are, " A Letter to the Editor of the Dublin Review upon the Temporal Power of the Pope and his Personal Infallibility," 1869 ; " What is the meaning of the late decree on the Infallibility

of the Pope P " 1871 j " Odds and Ends," 1872, being a description of the small seaport called Bude Haven, Cornwall, along with six short stories; "A Dissertation on Ancient and MedisBval Ivories," 1872, for the Committee of Council on Education ; and he has also edited for them the South Kensing- ton Museum Art Handbooks. A new edition of his "Ancient Li- turgy " and the " Monumenta Bitu- alia " was published in 1882 by the Oxford University Press. Mr. Mas- kell is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for the county of Corn- wall.

MASON, Fbancis, the youngest son of a lace merchant, was born July 21, 1887, at Islington, and edu- cated at the Islington Proprietary School, and at King's School, Canter- bury, became a member of the Boyal College of Surgeons in 1858, and a Fellow by examination in 1862. He received his professional education at King's College, London, of which he is an honorary Fellow. Early in his career as a student he at- tracted the attention of his teacher, the late Sir William Fergusson, and subsequently was for twelve years his confidential assistant in private practice. He is Surgeon and Lec- turer on Practical Surgery, and was formerly Lecturer on Anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital, and is Con- sulting Surgeon to the St. Pancras and Northern Dispensary. He is President of the Medical Society of London, and a Fellow of the Medico- Chirurgical, and other learned socie- ties, and was formerly Assistant- Surgeon to King's College Hospital, and Surgeon to the Westminster Hospital. Mr. Mason is the author of a work on "Harelip and Cleft Palate," 1877 ; also "The Surgery of the Mouth," in the Monthly Review of Dental Surgery ; and " The Sur- gery of the Face," the last consti- tuting the Lettsomian lectures de- livered at the Medical Society of London, in the session 1877-78, and ! published in the Lancet, He has