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portant. When the art of electro- plating was discovered by Mr. Thomas Spencer, to this liberal patron of all science did the inven- tor apply. Under Mr. Mayer's auspices, the first article ever sub- jected to this process was success- fully plated — ^a spoon, which now lies in the Mayer Collection in the Liverpool Museum. In 1860 he raised two companies of volunteers, called the Liverpool Borough Guard, and subsequently raised and clothed at his own expense a third company, in the neighbourhood of Bebbing- ton, his residence. In 1865 he made a donation to this Cheshire village of a free library, containing 20,000 volumes, with a handsome edifice, standing in the public walks, which are also a gift of Mr. Mayer. They occupy nearly six acres, and are planted with every variety of flowering shrub that will bear the Cheshire climate. Mr. Mayer is an enthusiastic student of floriculture in its higher forms. In 1870, un- der the superintendence of Henry Boyle, Esq., M.A., the Victoria Begia was brought to flower beneath the open sky, in his hot-water tanks at Bebbington, — an achievement never before made, and believed to be possible by very few. In 1869 his grateful townsmen of Liverpool erected a colossal statue of Mr. Mayer in St. George's Hall. It is of Carrara marble, and the work of Signer Giovanni Fontana.

MAYHEW, Hknbt, born in 1812, was for a short time at Westminster School, which he left to go a voyage to Calcutta, and on hijs re- turn was articled to his father, a solicitor, for three years. He com- menced his literary career in Lon- don, bringing out, in conjunction with the late Mr. Gilbert k Beckett, the farce of the " Wandering Min- strel *' at the Queen's Theatre, and in 1841 was one of the promoters of Pv/nch, from which he afterwards withdrew. He has written nume- rous tales and articles in magazines, and is best known by "London

Labour and the London Poor," a cyclopaedia of information on the condition of the working classes. Among his other works are " The Mormons, or Latter-Day Sainte,'* published in 1852, and " The Won- ders of Science," in 1855. In con- junction with his brothers Horace and Aug^tus, he published a variety of fairy tales and farces, and the following works of humo- rous fiction : — ^*' The Greatest Plague of Life," i* Whom to Marry, and How to Get Married," " The Magic of Kindness," " Peasant-boy Philo- sopher," and " Tricks of Trade."

MA YOB, The Rkv. John Etton BiCKBBSTETH, M.A., born at Bad- dagamme, in Ceylon, Jan. 25, 1825^ was educated at Shrewsbury School and St. John's College, Cambridge, and ordained deacon in 1855, priest in 1857, by the Bishop of Ely. He was elected Fellow of St. John's College in 184-9; was Assistant- Maater at Marlborough College 1849-53 i College Lecturer in 1853 ; Librarian of the University of Cambridge 1863-67, and was ^ap- pointed Professor of Latin in that University in 1872. Mr. Mayor is the editor of " Thirteen Satires of Juvenal," 1853, 2nd edit.. Part I. 1869, Part II. 1872, 2nd edit. 1878, 3rd edit. 1881; "Juvenal for Schools," Sat. X., XI., 1879 ; Sat. XII.— XVI., 1879; "Two Lives of Nicholas Perrar," 1855; "Auto- biography of Matt. Robinson," 1866; "Early Statutes of St. John's College, Cambridge," 1859 j "Cicero's Second Philippic," with notes, 1861; 2nd edit. 1865; 3rd edit. 1867 ; 4th edit. 1872 ; 5th edit. 1877; 6th edit. 1879; "Boger Ascham's Schoolmaster," with notes, 1863, new edit. 1888 (Bohn's Library) ; " Bicardi de Cirencestria Speculum Historiale de Gestis Begum Angli©," 2 vols., 1863-9; " Letters of Archbishop Williams," 1866; "Catalogue of the Baker MSS.," Cambridge, 1867; "First Greek Beader," 1868; 2nd edit. 1870; 3rd edit. 1873; 4th edit.