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MEADOWS, Alpbed, M.D., was bom at Ipswich, June 2, 1833, and educated at the gprammar school of his native town, and at King's Col- lege, London. In 1853 he m^icu- lated at the University of London, and in October of the same year he entered the medical faculty -at King's College. During his stu- dentship he obtained the Medical Society's prize for an essay on the "Influence of the Imagination in the Production and Cure of Dis- ease." He was appointed house physician and afterwards physician accoucheur assistant at King's Col-

lege Hospital. In 1857 he graduated M.B. in the University of London, and in the following year proceeded to the degree of M.D. In 1859 he became a member of the College of Physicians, b«t it was not till 1873 that the* College elected him a Fellow. In 1871 he was appointed phy^lffian-acooucheur to St. Mary's Hospital, and lecturer on midwifery and the diseases of women and children at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School. Dr. Meadows has published a translation of Henri Soger's "Clinical Besearches on Auscultation of the Head," 1863 ; " A Manual of Midwifery;" " The Prescriber's Companion;" "Dis- eases of Infancy and Childhood," conjointly with Dr. Tanner; a pamphlet on " Medical Ethics/' and another on " Eitual, Beligious and Secular/' He has also edited and translated for the New Sydenham Society Bemute and Goupil's " Dis- eases of Women." Dr. Meadows has been appointed a commander of the second class of the Order of Waaa by the King of Sweden for services rendered to his majesty as well as to the Crown Prince of Sweden during their stay in England. He ia a ma^strate for Middlesex.

MEASON, Malcolm Bonald Lainq, son of the late Oilbert Laing Meason, Esq., of Lindertis, Forfar- shire, was born at Edinburgh, in 1824, and educated in France, and at St. Gregory's College, Downside, near Bath. He entered the army in 1839 as ensign of the 40th Re- giment, and served through the second Affghan and the Gwalior campaigns in India, was very se- verely wounded, and received two medals. He joined tho 10th Hus- sars in 1846, and sold out in 1851. From the latter year to 1854 he waa editor of the Bombay Telegraph and Courier, In 1856, he was sent to Paris by the Daily News in conjunc- tion with Mr. Blanchard Jerrold, as one of the special correspondents for the Paris Exhibition of that year. Prom 1855 to 1860 he was a fre-