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1852, as well as in a pamphlet on Pre-Baphaelitism, and in his "Lec- tures onArchitecture and Painting," in 1853. Mr. Millais was elected an Associate of the Boyal Academy in

1853, and became K.A. in Dec, 1863. He exhibited "The Order of Re- lease " and " The Proscribed Boyal- ist " in 1853 ; " The Eescue,'^ in 1855 J "Peace Concluded," "Au- tumn Leaves," and "L'Enfant du Regiment," in 1856 j "A Dream of thePast — Sir Isumbrus at the Ford," in 1857 ; " The Heretic," in 1858 ; "Vale of Rest," and "Spring Flowers," in 1860; "The Black Brunswicker," in 1861 ; " My First Sermon," in 1863; "My Second Sermon," and " Charlie is my Dar- ling," in 1861 ; "Joan of Arc," and " The Romans leaving Britain," in 1865 ; and " Sleeping," " Waking," and "Jephthah," in 1867; "Sis- ters," "Rosalind and CeUa," "Stel- la," "Pilgrims to St. Paul's," and "Souvenir of Velasquez" (his diploma work), in 1868; "The Gambler's Wife," "Vanessa," " The End of the Chapter," and "A Dream at Dawn," in 1869; "A Flood," " The Knight Errant." " The Boy- hood of Raleigh" and "A Widow's Mite," in 1870; "Chill October," "Joshua fighting with AmaJek," "A Somnambulist," and "Yes or No?" in 1871; "Flowing to the River," and "Flowing to the Sea," in 1872 ; " Early Days," " New Laid Eggs," and " Lalla Rookh," in 1873 ; "Scotch Firs," "Winter Fuel," "The Picture of Health," "The North-West Passage." " Still for a Moment," and " A Day-Dream," in 1874; "The Fringe of the Moor," " The Crown of Love," and " No ! " in 1876 ; "Forbidden Fruit," "Over the Hills and Far Away," and "Getting Better," in 1876; "A Yeoman of the Guard," " The Sound of Many Waters," and " Yes ! " in 1877 ; " The Princes in the Tower," " A Jersey Lily " (Mrs. Langtry), and "St. Martin's Summer," in 1878. In 1878, Mr. Millais also exhibited " A Good Resolve," in the

GJrosvenor Gallery; and "The Bride of Lammermoor," in King Street, St. James's. He exhibited at the Royal Academy " The Tower of Strength," and a portrait of Mr. 9^1adstone, 1879 ; a portrait of him- self (painted by invitation for the Collection of Portraits of Artista painted by themselves in the TJffizfi Gallery, Florence), "Cuckoo," and a portrait of Mr. Bright, 1880 ; por- trait of Principal Caird, D.D., " Cinderella," and portraits of the Earl of Beaoonsfield, and of Dr. Eraser, Bishop of Manchester, 1881 ; a portrait of Cardinal Newman, 1882 ; " Une Grande Dame," "The Grey Lady," a portrait of the Mar- quis of Salisbury, and " Forget-me- not," 1883. For colour this artist has shown a faculty which is the most striking characteristic of the English school. He was decorated with the Legion of Honour in 1878. In 1881, he was appointed a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, in the place of the late Dean Stanley ; and in 1882, he was elected a Foreign Associate of the Acad^mie des Beaux- Arts, in the plaoe of the Italian sculptor Dupre. Mr. Mil- lais is married to Euphemia-Chal- mers, daughter of George Gray, Esq., of BowersweU, Perth, N.B. MILLER, Joaquin, an American

S>et, whose real name is Cincinnatos eine Miller, was born in the Wa- bash district, Indiana, Nov. 10, 1841. When he was thirteen years old his father emigrated to Lane county, Oregon, whence the boy went thr^ years later to try his fortune in California. After a wandering life of seven years, he returned home in 1860, and entered a lawyer's office at Eugene, Oregon. The next year he was an express messenger in the gold-mining districts of Idaho, which he left to take duurge of the Democratic BegUter, a weekly news- paper at Eugene, afterwards sup- pressed by i£e authorities for its political sentiments. In 1863 he opened a law office in Cafion Cily, Oregon. From 1866 to 1870, be