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served as county judge of Grant county^ and during this time began to write his poems. He published first a collection in paper covers called " Specimens," and next a volume with the title " Joaquin et al.,'* from which he derived his psendonym. In 1870 his wife, whom he had married in 1863, obtained a divorce, and he went to London, where he published, in the following year, his "Songs of the Sierras," and " Pacific Poems." In 1873 ap- peared " Songs of the Sun Lands " and a prose volume entitled " Life among the Madocs : Unwritten His- tory. His later works are "The Ship in the Desert," 1875; "J^irst Famlies in the Sierras," 1875 (re- published in 1881, under the title of "The Danites in the Sierras"); "The One Pair Woman," 1876; " Songs of Par Away Lands," 1878 ; "Songs of Italy," 1878; and "Shadows of Shasta," 1881. His wife, Minnie Theresa (Dyer) Miller, has also published verses imder the pseudonym of " Minnie Myrtle."

MILNE, Admibal Sib Alexan- der, Bart., G.C.B., is the second and youngest son of the late Ad- miral Sir David Milne, G.C.B. (who died in May, 1845), by his marriage with Grace, daughter of the late Sir Alexander Purves, of March- mont, Berwickshire. He was born in 1806, and educated at the Boyal Naval College. The early pajrt of his naval career was a distinguished one, and as Lieutenant and as Cap- tain he saw active service on the North and South American, Brazi- lian^ West Indian, and Home Sta- tions, and was Plag-Captain to his father at Devonport, and to Sir Charles Ogle at Portsmouth. In 1847 he was appointed one of the Junior Lords of the Admiralty, and he held a seat on that Board from that date down to 1859, and again from 1866 to 1868 and from 1872 to 1876, when he was created a baro- net. He attained flag-rank in 1858, and became a full Admiral in 1870. He was nominated a Knight Com-

mander of the Order of the Bath in 1858, and promoted to the dignity of Grand Cross in 1871. He held the command in chief of the North American and West Indian station in 1860-64, and on the Mediterra- nean station in 1869-70, and in the latter year he was elected an Elder Brother of the Trinity House. He was appointed Admiral of the Fleet in 1881. Sir Alexander Milne is a magistrate for Berwickshire. He married, in 1850, Euphemia, daughter of the late Mr. Archibald Cochrane.

MINGHETTI, Mabco, an Italian statesman and diplomatist, born at Bologna, Sept. 8, 1818, of a family which had accumulated wealth by commercial pursuits. When very young he had the misfortime to lose his father, but his mother gave him a good education, which was supplemented by a tour through Italy, France, Cfcrmany, and Eng- land. He became an earnest advo- cate of economic reforms, and at the commencement of the pontifi- cate of Pius IX., when liberty was announced to Italy, he founded at Bologna, in conjunction with some friends, a journal called El Fdsinco; and being summoned to Bome at the dose of the year 1847 as a member of the Council of Finance, he entered the lay ministry of March 10, 1848, as Minister of Public Works. When the hopes of the Liberals were crushed by the Encyclical of the 29th of April, Signer Minghetti entered the mili- tary service of Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, made the campaign of 1848, and for his services at Goito and Custozza received the rank of major, and was decorated with the order of San Maurizio; but after the peace of Milan he quitted the army, and, retiring to his native city, applied himself to study, the result being the publication in 1859 of his treatise " Delia Economia Pubblica e delle sue attenenze con Diritto." About this time Count Cavour^ whose intimate friend he