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States, and has lately given im- portant aid in operations connected with the Canada Pacific Bailway. In 1882 Mr. Mitchell was elected representative in the Dominion Parliament for Northumberland County, New Brunswick.

MIVAET, St. Gborob, P.R.S., was born at 39, Brook Street, Gros- venor Square, London, Nov. 80, 1827« and educated at Clapham Grammar School, Harrow School, King's College, London, and finally at St. Mary's College, Osoott, being prevented from going to Oxford (as intended) through having joined the Boman CathoUc Church in 1844. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1851 ; apx)ointed Lecturer of St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in 1862; elected a Fellow of the Eoyal Society in 1867 ; Vice-Presi- dent of the Zoological Society in 1869 and 1882; Secretary of the Linnsean Society in 1874 ; and Pro- fessor of Biology at University Col- lege, Kensington, in 1874 ; created a Ph.D. (Rome) in 1876. Mr. St. George Mivart is the author of various papers in the publications of the Eoyal, the Linnsean, and the Zoological Societies, from 1864 to 1878, "On the Zoology, Anatomy, and Classification of Apes and Lemurs, especially on the Osteology of the Limbs compared with the Limbs of Man" (Phil. Trans.); "The Myology of the EchidnsB, Agouti, Hyrax, Iguana, and certain Tailed-Bati-achians ; " "The Oste- ology of Birds;" "The Sciatic Plexus of Eeptiles;" "The Struc- ture of the Fins of Fishes, and the Nature and Genesis of the Limbs and Limb-Girdles of Vertebrate Ani- mals generally ; " " A Memoir on the Insectivora," published in the Cam- bi-idge Journal of Anatomy and Phy- siology, and translated in the Annales dea Sciences Naiurelles; sundry papers in the Popular Science Re- vi^w, and articles in the Quarterly, Fortnightly, Dublin, and Contempo- rary Reviews from 1870. He has also published the following books: —

" Genesis of Species," 1871 (two edi- tions); "Lessons in Elementary Anatomy," 1872 ; " Man and Apes," 1873; "Lessons from Nature," 1876; "Contemporary Evolution/' 1876; "Address to the Biological Section of the British Association," 1879; " The Cat" (an introduction to the study of back-boned animals), 1881 ; " Nature and Thought" (an intro- duction to a natural philosophv), 1883. Mr. St. George Mivart also wrote the article " Apes," in the new edition of the "EncycLopsBdia Britan- nica;" "Defence of Freedom and Liberty of Conscience" in the Dublin Review, 1876 ; and " Examination of Mr. Herbert Spencer's Psycholc^fy," in the Dublin Review, He has de- livered lectures at the Zoological Gardens, Eegent's Park ; at the Lon- don Institution; at Leeds, Birming- ham, Hull^ Bradford, Halifax, Lei- cester, and elsewhere. He is known through the "Genesis of Species" as Mr. Darwin's principal opponent —an opponent who, while fully as- serting evolution generally, denies that it is applicable to the human intellect, as also that " natural selection" is in any instance its cause. He represents the forma- tion of new species as due to one mode of action of that plastic innate power manifest on all hands in organic nature, as evidenced by the many instances cited. The author brings strongly forward the inde- pendent origin of similar structures, msistence upon which is perhaps his principal contribution to physical philosophy. In his " Lessons from Nature " IJie author has pointed oat the fundamental distinction between men and animals, distinctly defin- ing wherein the human intellect differs from the highest psychical actions of brutes. To this exposi- tion no reply has as yet been made. MOBEELY, The Eight Ebv. Geoboe, D.C.L., Bishop of Salis- bury, son of Edward Moberly, Esq.j merclumt of St. Petersburg, by Sarah, daughter of John Cayley, Esq., Consul-General in Eussia, was