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bom at St. Petersburg in 1803. He was educated at Winchester School, whence he went to Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1825, obtaining first class honours in Uteris humanioribus. In the fol- lowing year he gained the Chancel- lor's prize for the English essay, the subject being, " Whether a Rude or a Befined Age is the more favour- able to the Production of Works of Fiction?" He graduated M.A. in 1828 and D.C.L. in 1836. In 1830, and again in 1833, he acted as one of the public examiners in the Clas- sical Schools; and, during some years, he was Tutor as well as Fellow of Balliol College. In 1835 he was appointed to the head- mastership of Winchester School, from which he retired in 1866, when the Bishop of Winchester conferred on him the Bectory of Brighstone or Brixton, in the Isle of Wight. The Bishop of Chester gave him a canonry in his cathedral in 1868. Br. Moberly was also on several occasions one of the Select Preachers at Oxford. In Sept., 1869, he was nominated by the Crown to the Bishopric of Salisbury on the de- cease of Dr. Hamilton. He is the author of *' A Few Bemarks on the Proposed Admission of Dissenters into the University of Oxford," 1834; "Practical Sermons," 1838; " A Manual of Prayers for the Use of the Scholars of Winchester Col- lege," 1840, with a memoir of Bishop Ken; "The Sayings o? the Q-reat Forty Days between the Eesur- rection and Ascension, regarded as the Outlines of the Kingdom of God; in five Discourses: with an Examination of Mr. Newman's Theory of Developments," 8rd edit., 1846 ; 5th edit., 1875. (The " Exa- mination" is not contained in the 1st edit., published in 1844). " Ser- mons Preached at Winchester Col- lege," 1844; second series, with a preface on " Fagging," 1848 ; " Ser- mons on the Beatitudes," 1860, to the second edition of which was added a preface relating to the

recent volume of " Essays and Re- views;" " Five Short Letters to Sir W. Heathcote on the Studies and Discipline of Public Schools," 1861 ; " The Administration of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ," 1868, being the Bampton Lectures for 1868; " Brighstone Sermons," 1869 ; 2nd edit., 1870; "Plain Sermons preached at Brighstone," new edit., 1874; and a great number of single sermons and charges to the clei^y. Dr. Moberly was one of the " five clergymen" who published revised versions of the Epistle to the Romans (1858), Epistle to the Oalatians, Epistle of St. James (1870), the Gospel according to St. John (1867), the Epistle to the Corinthians, and other books of the New Testament. MODJESKA, Helena, an actress, bom at Cracow about 1843. Her childhood was passed in the excit- ing atmosphere of Polish revolu- tion and patriotic enthusiasm. She early maiiifested a desire for the stage, and after her marriage, at the age of seventeen, with her guardian, a man much older than herself (whose name she still bears on the play bills), her aspirations were fiUfiUed, and a humble be- ginning was xnade with a company of strolling players. It was not, however, until after her husband's death in 1865, and her marriage three years later to M. Chlapowski, a PoHsh patriot and journalist, that she became the theatrical star and favourite of Warsaw, a position which she held until about 1876, when she and her husband emi- grated to America. Their experi- ences on a Califomian farm were highly unprofitable. Mdme. Chla- powski soon began to suffer from stage nostalgia, and as her funds did not allow of her return to War- saw, the only course open to her was the apparently wildly impos- sible one of acting in English, her only knowledge of the language being at that time derived from one of Ouida's novels, which it had taken her three months to get through.