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On this occasion he was sworn of the Privy Council, and took the conrtesy title of Lord Moncreiff. It may be mentioned that in 1852 he brought in a Bill to abolish religious tests in the Scotch Uni- Tersities, which was lost on the second reading. In 1853, however, he successfully introduced and car- ried the Bill, and among other mea- sures of which he was the promoter may be enumerated the "Valuation of Lands (Scotland) Act," passed in 1854, and the "Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act," in 1856. Previous to his elevation to the judicial bench. Lord Moncreiff was a deputy- lieutenant and justice of the peace for the county of Edinburgh, Dean of the Faculty of Scotch Advocates, and Lieut.-Oolonel of the Edinburgh Eifle Volimteers. He was elected Lord Eector of the University of Edinburgh in the early part of the year 1859; was created a baronet May 17, 1871; and was raised to the peerage of the United King- dom as Baron Moncreiff of TuUie- bole, Kinross-shire, Jan. 1, 1874. A novel published in 1871, imder the title of "A Visit to my Discon- tented Cousin," is said te have been written by Lord Moncreiff . In Aug., 1878, he was appointed one of the Boyal Commissioners under The Endowed Institutions (Scotland) Act, 1878."

MONTAGU, Thb Bioht Hon. Lord Bobbbt, second son of the sixth duke of Manchester, born Jan. 24, 1825, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gra- duated M.A. in 1848, was returned, in April, 1859, one of the members, in the Conservative interest, for Huntingdonshire, which county he represented till Feb., 1874, when he was returned for the county of Westmeath, as a " Conservative, but in favour of Home Bule." He withdrew from the Home Bule or- ganisation in Dec., 1878. He ceased to be a member of Parliament in March, 1880. He was appointed Vice-President of the Committee of

Council on Education, sworn a Privy Councillor and nominated Fourth Charity Commissioner in March,

1867, and held these offices till Dec,

1868. He joined the CathoUc Church in 1870. Lord Robert Mon- tagu has written " Naval Architec- ture and Treatise on Shipbuilding," 1852 ; " Mirror in America," 1861 ; " Words on Garibaldi," 1861 ; " Four Experiments in Church and State, and the Conflict of Churches," 1864 ; "Arbitration instead of War, and a Defence of the Commune," 1872; " Register, Register, Register," in 1873 ; " Some Popular Errors con- cerning Politics and Religion," 1874, forming vol. i. of " St. Joseph's Theological Library;" "Expostu- lation in Extremis: Remarks on Mr. Gladstone's Political Expostu- lation on the Vatican Decrees in their bearing on Civil Allegiance," 1874; "Foreign Policy: England and the Eastern Question," 1877.

MONTEFIORE, Sib Moses, Bart., son of the late Joseph Mon- tefiore, Esq., born Oct. 24, 1784, served the office of Sheriff of Lon- don in 1837, and was knighted on the visit of Her M^esty te the Guildhall, Nov. 9. He has been High Sheriff of Kent, in which county he resides, and was raised te a baronetey in 1846, in recogni- tion of his high character and pub- lic services. He went, about 1840, on a mission te the East, in order te secure certain righte for his Jewish brethren at Damascus; and, after his return, having accomplished his object, was presented by the Jews of the metropolis with ahandsome piece of plate as a teken of their regard. In 1864 he received the thanks of the Court of Common Council for the signal services he had rendered by missions te various countries for the relief of persons oppressed for their religious convictions, and more especially by a journey te ^ Morocco, undertaken te solicit the emperor te relieve his Jewish and Christian subjecte from all civil and religious disabilities. In 1867 he