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ary Fellow. He practised medicine at Madeley^ Shropshire, from 1844 till 1848 ; tried successfully, during two years, at Liscard, Liverpool, the method of school-keeping de- scribed by him in No. 200 of £<mse- hold Words, and gave up the pro- ject somewhat unwillingly in 1851, offers having been made that led him to settle in London as a jour- nalist, in association with Housa- hold Words and the Examiner, of which paper he afterwards was editor. He has written "How to make Home Unhealthy," published in 1860 ; "A Defence of Ignorance," in 1851; "Life of Palissy, the Potter," in 1852 ; "Life of Jerome Cardan," in 1854; "Life of Corne- lius Agrippa," in 1856; "Life of Clement Marot," in 1870 ; essays in Household Words, reprinted as "Gossip," and "Memoirs of Bar- tholomew Fair," in 1857 ; two vol- umes of Fairy Tales," in 1859 and 1860; "English Writers before Chaucer," vol. i. in 1864, vol. ii. part 1, from Chaucer to Dunbar, in 1867; and "Journal of a London Playgoer from 1857 to 1866," in 1866. He edited, with notes, Steele and Addison's "Spectator" in 1868, and published " Tables of English Literature" in 1870; "A First Sketch of English Literature," in 1873 (ninth edition, 1882); "A Librarv of English Literature," in five volumes, 1874-80 j and "A Li- brary of English Literature in the Eeign of Victoria," being vol. 2,000 of the Tauchnitz Collection, 1881. He was English Lecturer at King's CoUege from 1857 tiU 1865, with duty confined to direction of the English department in the evening classes. Since 1865 he has been Professor of the English Language and Literature at University Col- lege, London ; he was Examiner in English Language, Literature, and History to the U niversily of Lon- don, from 1870 to 1875, and was re- appointed to that office in 1878 j since 1878 he has been also Profes- sor of the English Language and

Literature at Queen's College, Lon- don. Li 1879 the honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred upon him by the University of Edinburgh. Li 1882 he beoaihe Principal of University Hall, London.

MOBLEY, John, M.P., is the eldest son of the late Mr. Jonathan Morley, of Blackburn, Lancashire, where he was born in Dec, 1838; was educated at Cheltenham Col- lege and at Linoohi College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1859, and M.A. m 1874. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1869. He was for some years editor of the Literary ChuetU, the title of which was subsequently altered to the Parthenon. Mr. Morley was editor of the Fort' nightly Eeview, from 1867 to Oct., 1882. He was alsd editor of the Pall Mall Gazette from May, 1S80, till Aug., 1883. He unsuccesflfully contested the borough of Blackburn in 1869, in the Liberal interest, and tiie City of Westminster in 1880; but in Feb., 1883, at a bye- election, he was returned as an ad- vanced Liberal by the borough of Newcastle-uyon-l^^e, def eatinjg his Conservative opponent, Mr. Gtons- ford Bruce, by a majority of 2,256 (9,443 votes against 7,187). Mr. Morley presided over the great Conference of Liberals held at Leeds in Oct., 1883. His works are — " Edmund Burke, a Historical Study," 1867 ; "Critieal Miscellanies," 1871, 2^d series, 1877 ; " Voltaire," 1872 ; " On Com- promise," 1874; "Bou8seau,"1876: " Diderot and the EncydopaDdists," 2 vols., 1878; "Life of Bichard Cobden," 1881. Mr. Morley is an honorary LL.D. of the UnxTersitj of Glasgow.

MOBLEY, Saxuil, MJP., youngest son of the late Mr. John Morley, of Hackney, by Sazah, daughter of the late Mr. B. PoolUm, of Maidenhead, was born in Wells Street, Hackney, in 1809. He re- ceived his education at a private school, and was introduced early