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Bector of the English College; at the expiration of uiis period he en- tered the aroh-diooese of West- minster^ was made Canon Peniten- tiary of the Metropolitan Chapter^ and acted as Secretary to Cardinal Wiseman, and his successor. Cardi- nal Manning. He left the arch- diocese in IsSt to join the Society of Jesus. He has spent a year in Malta as Sector of a College of the Society newly established there, he has been for some years Professor of Canon Law and Church History at St. Beuno's College, near St. Asaph ; and, since 1879, he has been Bector and Master of Novices at Boehampton. Father Morris has published a " Life of St. Thomas of Canterbury ; " " Cardinal Wise- man's Last Illness J*' "Condition of Catholics under James I. ; " "The Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers," three series; "The Letter-Books of Sir Amias Potdet, Keeper of Mary Queen of Scots ; " and "The Life of Father John Gerard.

MORRIS, Lewis, M.A., was bom in Carmarthen, being the eldest son of the late L. £. Wil- liams Morris, Esq., of Carmarthen, formerly of Blannant, Breconshire, by Sophia, daughter of the late John Hughes, He was educated at Cowbridge and Sherborne Schools and Jesus College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1855 as first-class in classics and Chancellor's Prize- man ; M.A., 1858; was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in Nov., 1861, when he obtained a Certificate of Honour of the First Class; prac- tised chiefly as a conveyancing counsel until 1880 ; was elected an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College in 1877. In 1879 he was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Saviour (of Greece). In the same year* he accepted the office of Honorary Secretary of the Univer- sity College of Wales. In 1880, he was appointed on the Depart- mental Committee, charged by the Government to inquire into

Intermediate and Higher Educa- tion in Wales, and, in the same year, a Justice of the Peace fo*- Carmarthenshire, in which oounty, at Penrhyn House, he resides. He was appointed Yioe-Chairmaii of the Political Committee of the Be- form Club, in the place of the late Mr. W. P. Adam, M.P. ; and was a candidate, in December 1881, for the Carmarthen burghs, but retired ; Mr. Morris is perhaps best known for his contributions to the poeti- cal literature of the time. In 1871- 1874-75, appeared the 8 vols, of " Songs of Two Worlds," now col- lected, and in an eighth edition. In 1876 appeared Book II., and in 1877, Books I. and lU., of " The E^ic of Hades," now in a four- teenth edition. In December, 1878, appeared " Gwin, a Drama, in Monologue," and, in March, 1880, "The Ode of Life," both of which are now in a fourUi edition. The above works have hitherto appeared anonymously as the work of " A New Writer," but a new and choice col- lected edition is announced for immediate publication under the author's name. Mr. Morris is the great-grandson of the well-known Welsh [antiquary and poet, Lewis Morris, of Penrhyn, in Cardigan- shire.

MOERIS, Thb Eight Hon. Mi- chael, eld^ son of Martin Morris, Esq., of Spiddle, co. Qalway, by JuUa, daughter of Dr. Charles Blake, of (&way, was born at the latter place in 1827. He received his education at Erasmus Smith's College, Galway, and at Trinity College, Dublin, where he gradu- ated m 1847, and was First Senior Moderator and gold medallist. He was called to the bar in Ireland in Jtme, 1849, and made a Queen's Coimsel in 1863. Mr. Morris, who was High Sheriff in 1849-50, held the office of Eecorder of Galway from 1857 till 1865. The represen- tative of one of the old families known as the " Tribes of Galway," he was first elected as one of the