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April 27, 1840, Victoire-Aaiguste- Antoinette, Duchess of Saxe- Coburg-Gotha (born Feb. 14, 1822 ; died Nov. 10, 1857), by whom he has issue two sons. Prince Louis Philippe Marie Ferdinand (Jaston d' Orleans, comte d'Eu (g.v.) ; and Prince Ferdinand Philippe Marie d'Orleans, due d'AlenQon, born July 12, 1844 ; and two daughters, the eldest of whom, the Princess Marguerite Adelaide Marie d'Or- l^ans, born Feb. 16, 1846, was mar- ried at Chantilly to Prince Ladislas Czartoryski, Jan. 15, 1872.

NETHERLANDS, Kino op the. (flfec William III.)

NEVILL, The Right Rev. Samuel Tabbatt, D.D., Bishop of Dunedin, was educated at Magda- len College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in - 1866, obtaining a second class in the Natunu Sciences Tripos, and M.A. in 1869. After taking orders he was collated to the rectory of Shelton, Stafford- shire, which ne held till his election by the diocesan synod, in 1871, to the see of Dunedin. He was con- secrated in St. Paul's Chtu^:h, Otago, July 10, 1871.

NEVILLE, Hbnby, born at Man- chester, June 20, 1837, became an actor at an early age, and per- formed in the provinces for five years before coming to London, where he appeared as Percy Ardent in Boucicault's " Irish Heiress " at the Lyceum Theatre in Oct., 1860. Afterwards he played for a short season at the Operetta House in Edinburgh, and he next accepted an engagement at the Olympic, where he attracted attention by his impersonations of the hero in " Jack of all Trades," and " Camil- la's Husband." He achieved a still greater success as Brierly in " The Ticket of Leave Man," which was produced in May, 1863, and played for 409 nights without intermission. After his engagement at the Olym- pic had expired, Mr. Neville again returned to the Adelphi, where he ^nce more made a decided hit in

Mr. Charles Reade's "Dora." Subsequently he went back to the Olympic Theatre, not alone as actor, but also as lessee and manager. At an early age he used to write pieces for his father's theatres, but his only dramas pro- duced in London were " The Yellow Passjwrt" and "The Violin Maker of Cremona." Mr. Neville has also published a work entitled " The Stage, its past and present, in rela- tion to Pine Art." NEWCASTLE, Bishop of. {866


NEWCASTLE (Australia), Bishop of. (See Peabson.) - NEWCOMB, SiMON,LL.D.,bom at Wallace, Nova Scotia, March 12, 1835. While a youth he went to the United States, and was for several years engaged as a teacher. In 1867 he was employed on the computations for the "National Almanac." In 1858 he began his original investigations in astro- nomy, and in 1861 was appointed Professor of Mathematics in the U. S. Navy, and was stationed at the Naval Observatory. He nego- tiated the contract for the gpreat telescope ordered by Congress^ and supervised its construction. He was made Secretary of the Commis- sion created by Congress in 1871, to observe the transit of Venus (Dec. 9, 1874). In 1872 he was elected an associate of the Royal Astronomical Society, and in 1874 received its gold medal for his tables of Neptune and Uranus. In the same year he was chosen a oorre- spondmg member of the Institute of France ; and in 1875 he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Mathematics and Physics from the University of Leyden. In 1878 the Haarlem Society of Sciences awarded its biennial medal to Plro- fessor Newoomb. He is now Super- intendent of the "Nautical Al- manac," and he went to the Cape of Good Hope to observe the transit of Venus on Dec. 6, 1882. He has pub- lished : " On the Secular Variations^