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success at the Paris Universal Ex- ! hibition, where his " Challenge " | and " Christopher Sly " were greatly admired by French critics, and won for the painter one of the very few medals awarded to English artists. His more recent pictures are, "A Hundred Years Ago," "On the Grand Canal, Venice," and "In St. Mark's, Venice," exhibited at the Academy, 1871; "Casus Belli" and "The Forest Pet," 1872; "The Protector," " Oscar and Brin," and "Cinderella," 1873; "Handet and the King," "Ophelia," " A Venetian Fruit-seller," and " Escaped," 1874 ; "Too Good to be True," and " Moonlight on the Lagoons," 1875 ; "Flotsam and Jetsam," "The Bill of Sale," and "The Old Soldier," 1876 ; " The Queen of the Swords," and "Jessica" (Merchant of Venice), 1877 ; " Conditional Neutrality," "A Social Eddy left by the Tide," and "Autumn," 1878; "Hard Hit," a scene at the gaming table, 1879; "Napoleon I. on board H.M.S Bellerophon," 1880, purchased by the Council of the Boyal Academy under the terms of the Chantrey bequest; "Housekeeping in the Honeymoon," 1882 ; and " Voltaire dining with the Due de Sulli," 1883. Mr. Orchardson was elected a Boyal Academician Dec. 13, 1877.

O'REILLY, The Right Rbv. Bebnasd, D.D., a Roman Catholic prelate, born at BaUybeg, co. Meath, Jan. 10, 1824, received his education at St. Cuthbert*s College, Ushaw, near Durham, and was ordained a priest. He became a canon of Liver- pool, and for twenty years was at- tached to the church of St. Vincent de Paul in that town. On the death of Dr. Goss*, Father O'Reilly was appointed his successor as Bishop of Liverpool, and he was consecrated by Archbishop Manning, March 19, 1873.

O RMS BY, The Right Hon. Henry, son of the Rev. Henry Ormsby, Rector of Eilskier, co. Meath, was born in that parish in Feb., 1812, and educated at Trinity

College, Dublin, where he graduated in 183 1, having obtained several honours in his career: these were in Logics, Mathematics, and Greek Composition. He was called to the bar in 1835, and made a Q.C. in 1858. Shortly before the resignation of the Conservative ministry in 1868 he was nominated Solicitor-GeneTal for Ireland. Upon the return of Mr. Disraeli to power in 1874 he was re-appointed Solicitor-GeneraL In Jan., 1875, he was appointed Attorney-General for Ireland, and sworn of the Privy Council ; and in Nov. the same year he was appointed a Judge of the Landed Estates Coitit in Ireland.

OSBORNE, The Rev. Lobd Sti>- NET GoDOLPHiN, third son of the first Lord Godolphin, born in 1808, graduated B.A. at Brasenose Col- lege, Oxford, in 1830, and having been for some years Rector of Stoke Pogis, near Eton, was appointed Rector of Durweston, Dorsetshire, by Lord Portman, in 1841. He resigned the latter incumbency in Sept., 1875. On the accession of his brother, Lord Godolphin, to the dukedom of Leeds, he obtained the rank of a duke's son. Lord S. G. Osborne has long been known for his letters on social and philanthro- pic subjects, published under the signature of "S. G. O.," in the Times. His lordship has written " Gleanings in the West of Ireland " (which country hfi visited for bene- volent purposes during the famine of 1847, and also in' the year in which the cholera prevailed), published in 1850 ; "Lady Eva: Her Last Days, a Tale," in 1851 ; " Scutari and its Hospitals," with illustrationfl (he visited the hospitals at Scutari during the Crimean war, received the thanks of the Government for the services he rendered, and was honourably mentioned in the Report of the Parliamentary Committee as having assisted to alleviate the sufferings, raise the spirits, and save the lives of the wounded and sick soldiers) in 1855 j "Hints to