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versity of Oxford, in succession to the late Sir Henry R. Bishop. As a composer, he is chiefly known by his works for the Church. He has composed eleven services ; has pub- lished over seventy anthems, of which the best known is, " How goodly are thy tents, O Israel ; ** and has edited the sacred works of Orlando Gibbons. His treatises on "Harmony," 1869 ; and on "Counter- point and Fugue," 1869, are stan- dard works. His "Treatise on Musical Form and General Com- position" is also a valuable con- tribution to musical literature. He edited a collection of "Cathedral Services," 1853 ; and, in conjunc- tion with Dr. Monk, "Anglican Psalter Chants," 1872. He is a member of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury, having been Proctor for the Chapter of Hereford since 1868.

OVERALL, William Hknry, F.S.A., was born Jan. 18, 1829, at St. John's Wood, was educated at a private school, and subse- quently became one of the early students of the City of London College, when held at Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate. He entered the Town Clerk's Office, Guildhall, in 1847 ; was appointed Sub-Librarian to the Corporation of London in 1857, and Librarian in 1865. His first literary effort was a "Dictionary of Chronology, or Historical and Statistical Register," 1870 ; and, afterwards, he prepared " Cata- logue of Sculpture, Paintings, and Engravings and other Works of Art belonging to the Corporation," 2 vols. ; a " Catalogue of the Books, Music, Pictures, and Prints in the Library of Gresham College," 1872 ; " A Critical and Historical Account of the Earliest Known Survey of the City of London," by Ralph Agas, taken about 1560 (published in 1874); "The Accounts of the Churchwardens of the Parish of St. Michael, Comhill, with Memoranda from the Great Book of Accounts, from 1456 - 1608 ;" " A Catalogue

of the Library and Museum of Horological Specimens belonging to the Clockmakers Company of London." 1875 ; " A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, and Letters belonging to the Dutch Church, Austin Friars," 1879; "A His- tory of the Clockmakers' Com- pany of the City of London," 1881 ; and, in conjunction with his cousin, Mr. H. C. Overall, he compiled an analytical index to the series of records belonging to the Corporation of London, Imown as "The Remembrancia," 1579-16G4, with biographical and historical notes, besides making an exhaus- tive report, describing the nature of the civic records generally. His "Catalogue of the Topographical Prints and Drawings of London and Westminster," exhibited by Mr. J. E. Gardner, F.S.A., at the opening of the present library, is held in high esteem. As curator of the Museum, he has recently re-arranged the local antiquities preserved by the Corporation, and is now engaged in compiling a new classified catalogue of the Library.

OWEN. Sib Fbancis Phujf CuNLiFPE-. {8ee Cunlippe-Owbn.)

OWEN, RicHABD, C.B.. M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., the cele- brated comparative anatomist^ is the youngest son of Richard Owen, Esq., of Fulmer Place, Bucks, and was born at Lancaster, July 20, 1804. He studied in the grajnmar school of his native town, where he was contemporary with the late Dr. Whewell. In 1824 he matriculated at the University of Edinburgh, where he attended the anatomical lectures of Dr. Barclay. He also attended for a considerable time the schools of medicine in Paris. He became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London in 1826, and commenced life as a general practitioner in Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, but his sub- sequent appointment, on Dr. Aber- nethy's recommendation, to the post of Assistant Curator of the