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latter year appeared "A Fairy Baid," and in 18G8 " Caliban listen- ing to the Music." Of his subse- quent pictures the more important are, " Faith and Reason/' 1871 (en- graved) ; " Christ and Mary at the Sepulchre/' and "Oskold and the EUe-Maids/' 1873; "Satan watch- ing the Sleep of Christ/' 1874; "The Man of Sorrows/' 1875 ; "The Spirit of Twiliffht/' and "Christ the Great Shepherd/' 1876 ; and "The Man with the Muck-rake/' 1877. He is the author of two volumes of poems, and in 1876 received from the University of Edinburgh the honorary degree of LL.D.

PATTERSON, The Right Rev. James Laibd, Bishop of Emmaus, was born in London, Nov. 16, 1822. He was educated at home and in Germany, and at Trinity College, Oxford (S.C.L., 1814; B.A., 18*6; M.A., 1847). From 1845 to 1849 he was Curate of St. Thomas's, Oxford. He was also Treasurer of the Oxford Architectural Society and Secretary of the Oxford Union Society. He travelled in the East in 1849-50, and became a Catholic at Jerusalem in 1850. After studying at Rome from 1850 to 1854, he was ordained priest there by Cardinal Wiseman in March, 1854; was attached to the mission of St. Mary, Moor- flelds, London, from 1855 to 1867 ; to St. James's, Spanish Place, from 1867 to 1870 ; named Honorary Chamberlain to the Poi)e in 1865, Private Chamberlain in 1867 ; and Domestic Prelate in 1872. He was appointed President of St. Ed- mund's College, Ware, in 1870, and was an official of the Ecumenical Council of the "Vatican. He is conventual chaplain of the Sacred Military Order of St. John of Jeru- salem. Monsignor Patterson be- came well known as an eloquent and polished preacher, and there were few priests more respected among the Catholic body in this country. During the years that Mgr. Patter- son was President of S. Ed-

mund's, the most ancient of the Catholic Colleges, that institution flourished in an unprecedented manner. It was at S. Edmund's that the 4th Provincial Synod of the Catholic Hierarchy was held in July, 1873. He published an ac- count of his tour in the East in 1851 ; and in 1878 a new edition of the late Mr. John Francis Maguire's work on " Pius the Ninth," revised and brought down to the accession of Pope Leo XIII. Mgr. Patterson resigned the Presidency of S. Ed- mund's in 1880, and was consecrated titular Bishop of Emmaus, May 10th, 1880, in the Chapel of the English College, Rome, by the Car- dinal Archbishop of Westminster and the Bishops of Clifton and Salford, as an auxiliary for West- minster. Cardinal Manning ap- pointed him Rector of S. Mary's, Cadogan Street, Chelsea, in 1881.

PATTERSON, Robert Hogarth, was born at Edinburgh in 1821, where he was educated with the view of becoming a civil engineer, but an accident threw him into literature as a profession. He has been a contributor of articles on a variety of subjects to the Quarterly, North BritUh, National, British Qiuirterly, and Fortnightly Reviews, Blackwood*8, Bentley*8, and the Dub- lin University Magazines, and the Quarterly Journal of Agriculture. He published, in 1860, " The New Revolution, or the Napoleonic Policy in Europe," a remarkable work, which attracted much attention soon after its publication, owing to the singular fulfilment of several predictions, which it contained ; in 1861, "Essays in History and Art;" in 1864, "The Economy of Capital ;" in 1867, "The Science of Finance ; " and in 1870, " The State, the Poor, and the Country." He is a member of the Council of the Statistical Society^ and in 1865 was invited to give evidence before the French Government Inquiry into Banking and Currency. He has been editor of the Press, the Qlobe,