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Pasteur, as a reward, chiefly, for his investigations on fermentation, a life annuity of 12,000 francs. He was raised to the rank of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour, Oct. 24, 1878. His reception into the French Academy took place April 27, 1882, when he delivered a panegyric of M. Littr^, to whose chair he had succeeded. In the same year the council of the Society of Arts awarded the Albert Medal of the society to M. Pasteur for his researches in connection with fer- mentation, the preservation of wines, and the propagation of zymotic diseases in silkworms and domestic animals.

PATMORE, Coventry Kbarsey Deighton, born at Woodford, Es- sex, July 23, 1823, is the son of the late P. G. Patmore, author of " Literary Reminiscences." In 1846 he was appointed one of the Assistant Librarians of the British Museum, but he ceased to be con- nected with that institution about 1868. Mr. Patmore, who made his first appearance as an author with a volume of Poems in 1844, has written *' Tamerton Church Tower, and other Poems,'* published in 1853 J an elaborate domestic poem, " The Angel in the House," in four parts, — the Betrothal, the Espousal, Faithful for Ever, and the Victories of Love, in 1854-62 ; and a selec- tion entitled " A Garland of Poems for Children," in 1862 ; " The Un- known Eros," 1877, a memoir of Barry Cornwall ; and " Amelia, Ac," 1878. He has contributed to the Edinburgh and North. British Review8,ajid to the Pall Mall Gazette, while it was under Mr. Greenwood's editorship.

PATON, Sir Joseph Noel, B.S.A., LL.D., born at Dunferm- line, Pifeshire, in 1821, was ad- mitted a student of the Royal Academy of London in 1843, and first became known to the public by his outline etchings illustrative of Shakspere and Shelley. His fresco of the " Spirit of Religion "

gained one of the three premiuni3 awarded at the Westminster Hall competition of 1845, and his oil- pictures of "Christ Bearing th<^ Cross," and *' Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania " — ^the former of colossal size, the latter small — jointly gained a prize, in the second class, of ^00, in iai7. The latter picture, prior to its exhibition in London, was bought by the Royal Scottish Academy for the Scottish National Gallery, and " The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania," painted in 1849, and purchased for ^700, also for the Scottish National Gallery, by the Association for the Promo- tion of the Fine Arts in Scotland, was exhibited in the Paris Exhibi- tion of 1855, where it received honourable mention. Amongst his numerous pictures and sket^^hes from the works of the poets, may be menticned "Dante meditating the Episode of Francesca," in 1852 ; and "The Dead Lady," in 1854. His large allegory, since engraved, "The Pursuit of Pleasure," was exhibited in 1855 ; " Home," which has been engraved, and of which a replica was executed by command of her Majesty, at the Boyal Academy Exhibition in 1856 ; " In Memoriam," which has been en- graved, and of which a photograph was executed for the Queen, in 1858 J and " Dawn : Luther at Erfurt," considered by many his finest work, in 1861. Mr. Noel Paton executed, in the spring of 1860, a series of six pictures illus- trative of the old border ballad, "The Dowie Dens of Yarrow," painted for the Association for the Promotion of the Fine Art« in Scot- land. It was engraved by tiiat body for their subscribers. In 1863 he executed illustrations of "The Ancient Mariner," for the Art Union of London ; and in 1866 painted " Mors Janua Vitae " (mi- graved). He was appointed the Queen's Limner for Scotland in 1865 and received the honour of knighthood April 12, 1867. In the