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review, the Revista de Espaila. In politics he belongs to the Liberal- Conservative party.

PEROWNE, The Veby Eev. John James Stewabt, D.D., was born March 13, 1823, at Burdwan, Bengal, of a family of French (Huguenot) extraction, that came over to this country at the revoca- tion of the Edict of Nantes. He was educated at Norwich Grammar School, and at Corpus Christi Col- lege, Cambridge ; was appointed Bell's University Scholar in 1842, Crosse (Theological) Scholar in 1845, Tyrrwhitt's (Hebrew) Scholar in 1848, and Member's Prizeman (Latin Essay), in 1844, 1846, and 1847. Dr. Perowne took his B.A. degree in 1845, and that of M.A. in 1848, and was elected a Fellow of his College in 1849. He was Select Prea<3ier at the University Church in 1853, 1861, and 1873, Hulsean Lecturer in 1868, and Lady Margaret's Preacher in 1874. For several years he held a Lectureship and Professorship in King's Col- lege, London, and was Assistant- Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich. From 1862 to 1872 he was Vice-Principal of St. David's College, Lampeter. He was in 1872 appointed Prselector in Theology, and in 1873 elected a Fellow of Trinity CoUege ; from 1874 to 1876 he was Cambridge Preacher at the Chapel Eoyal, Whitehall. He was Canon Eesidentiary of Llandaff from 1869 to 1878, and Hulsean Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, having been elected to this office, June 17, 1875 ; he was also Exam- iner in the Text of Scripture, Ac, in the University of London. He was appointed an honorary chap- lain to the Queen, May 13, 1875. In Aug., 1878, he was nominated by the Crown, on the recommenda^ tion of Lord Beaconsfield, to the deanery of Peterborough, vacated by the death of Dr. Saunders. Dr. Perowne is the author of "The Book of Psalms, a New Translation,

with Notes, Critical and Exegeti- cal," 2 vols., 3th edit. ; Huliean Lectures on " Immortality ; " a volume of sermons ; occasional ser- mons ; " The Athanasian Creed ; " " Confession in the Church of Eng- land"; articles in Dr. Smith's " Dictionary of the Bible," Contem- porary Review, and Good Words, and an Essay on Welsh Cathedrals. He is also the editor of Al Adjru- miieh, an Arabic Grammar, and of "Eogers on the Thirty-Nine Ar- ticles." Dr. Perowne is a member of the Company engaged on the revision of the Old Testament. He married, in 1862, Anna Maria, third daughter of the late Humphry William Woolrych, Esq., Serjeant- at-Law, of Croxley, Hertfordshire.

PEEEY, The Eight Rrr. Chables, D.D., formerly Bishop of Melbourne, youngest son of the late John Perry, Esq., of Moor Hall, Essex, was born in 1807, and educated at Trinity College, Cam- bridge, where he graduatea B.A. in 1828, as Senior Wrangler and Smitii's Prizeman, and first class in classics, and was afterwards elected a Fellow of his CoUege. Having held a parochial cure in Cambridge for several years, he was consecrated, in 1847, to the see of Melbourne, on the subdivision of the diocese of Australia. He resigned his see in 1876. Dr. Perry was appointed Prelate of the Order of SS. Michael and George, May 25, 1878. In Nov. the same year he was appointed a Canon of Llandaff Cathedral.

PEEEY, The Eev. Stephen Joseph, F.E.S., born Aug. 26, 1888, in London, received his classical education in the English College aX Douay, and then followed a coarse of Mental Philosophy at Borne. He entered the Society of Jesus in Nov., 1853, and afterwards studied higher mathematics at Stonyhurst, London, and Paris. He was ^>- pointed in Sept., 1860, director of the Meteorological and Astrono- mical Observatory of Stonyhurst