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Mozart's " Don Giovanni." In 1861 she married, and retired from pro- fessional life.

PICKERSGILL, Pbbdbbick Richard, R.A., nephew of the late Henry William Pickersgill, R.A., born in London, in 1820, studied at the Royal Academy. His first pro- duction, ** The Combat between Her- cules and Achelous," an oil-painting, exhibited in 1840, was followed by a prize cartoon of "The Death of King Lear," exhibited in Westmin- ster Hall in 1843 ; and "The Burial of Harold," a magnificent picture, for which he received a first-class prize, in 1847, and which was imme- diately purchased for the new Houses of Parliament. Mr. Pickers- giU is a regular exhibitor, and his pictures generally command many admirers and fetch high prices. In 1847 he was elected A.R.A., and in 1 857 was promoted to the rank of Academician.

PICTON, Sir James Allanson, F.S.A., was born at Liverpool in IvSOG, and educated at private schools. He became a F.S.A., and F.R.H.S. ; is Past-President of the Livorix>ol Architectural Society; a member of Council of the Royal In- stitute of British Architects; an honorary Fellow of the Architec- tural Convention of the United States of America; Chairman of the Liverpool Library, Museum, and Gallery of Arts; and a Fellow of the Philological Society of London. The honour of knighthood was con- ferred on him in July, 1881, accord- ing to the written communication of the Prim3 Minister for " high attainments and public services." He is the author of " Memorials of Liverpool," 2 vols., 1873, 2nd edit., 1875 ; " Selections from the Muni- cipal Records of Liverpool," 1882 ; and articles on philological, archaeo- logical, and general subjects in periodicals and separate publica- tions.

PIEROLA, Gen. Nicholas de, ex-President of Peru, born at Are- --uipa, Peru, Jan. 5, 1839. Bred a

lawyer, he early interested himself in the politics of his country, and in 1869 was appointed Minister of Finance. At the end of his admi- nistration he was impeached, and although acquitted went into exile in ChiU. In 1874. and 1877 he organised expeditions against the Peruvian Government, but was unsuccessful. The second time he surrendered and was banished. At the outbreak of the Chilian war he proffered his services to G^n. Prado, then President of Peru, but they were not accepted. After Gen. Prado went away. Gen. Pierola assumed the charge of affairs, and continued the fighting. In Jan., 1881, he abandoned Lima, and in the following November, retired from the government. He went to France in March, 1882, where he remained until November, when he proceeded to the United States.

PIERREPONT, TffB Hon. Ed- wards, LL.D., born at North Haven, Connecticut, March 4, 1817. A.B. (Yale College), 1837. He was ad- mitted to tiie bar from the New Haven Law School in 1810, and practised in New York until elected to the Superior Court Bench in that city (1857). In 1860 he resigned his seat to resiune practice. In 1862 he was appointed by the Pre- sident of the United States, with Major-General Dix, to try the prisoners of State who were confined in the various forts and prisons upon charges growing out of the Rebellion. He was a member of the Judiciary Committee of the New York State Constitutional Con- vention in 1867, and in the same year conducted the case of the government against John H. Sur- ratt, indicted for aiding in the murder of President Lincoln. Mr. Pierrepont received the honorary degree of LL.D. in 1871 from C<>^ lumbia College, and from Yale College in 1873. From 1869 to 1870 he was United States District Attorney for New York, and in 1873 he was appointed Envoy Extraordi-