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employed in several important ex- peditions^ especially in the two com- bined attacks on Fort Fisher, which commands the approaches to Wil- mington, North Carolina. The first of these, at the close of 1864, mis- carried. The second, in Jan., 1865, was completely successful. Admi- ral Porter was advanced to the rank of Vice-Admiral July 25, 1866, and after the death of Admiral Farra- gut was promoted, Oct. 17, 1870, to the rank of Admiral, which carries with it the command of the entire navy of the United States, subject only to the President. From 1866 to 1870 he was Superintendent of the U. S. Naval Academy at Anna- polis.

PORTER, JosiAS Lbslib, D.D., LL.D., was born Oct. 4, 1823, at Burt, CO. Doneg^, Ireland, being the youngest son of Lieutenant William Port^. He was educated at the Uni- versity of Glasgow (B.A. 1842 j M.A. 1843), afterwards at the University of Edinburgh, and the Free Church College. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of England in 1846. He married, in 1849, Margaret Rainey, youngest daughter of the Rev. Henry Cooke, D.D., LL.D., of Belfast. He went on a mission to Syria, in 1849, and travelled exten- sively through Palestine, Arabia, Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece, and A^eria. On his return to Ireland, he was appointed Professor of Bib- lical Criticism in the Assembly's College, Belfast. He was Modera- tor of the General Assembly in 1876. He was appointed by Parlia- ment Commissioner of Intermediate Education (Ireland) in 1878, and nominated by the Crown President of Queen's College, Belfast, and Senator of the Queen's University in 1879 ; and Senator of the Royal University of Ireland in 1880. He received tiie hon. degrees of D.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 1864; of LL.D. from the Univer- sity of Glasgow in 1864 ; and of D. Lit. from the Queen's University in 1881. He is the author of " Five

Years in Damascus," 2 vols., 1855 ; "Handbook for Syria and Pales- tine," 1858, and subsequent edi- tions; "The Pentateuch and the Gospels," 1864; ** The Giant Cities of Bashan," 1865, and subsequent editions ; " The Life and Times of Dr. Cooke," 1871, and subsequent editions; "The Pew and Study Bible," 1876; articles in Smith's " Dictionary of the Bible ;" Kitto's " Cyclopaedia of Biblical Litera- ture," 3rd edit.; the "Encyclo- paedia Britannica," 8th edit. ; the American " Bibliotheca Sacra," and Princeton Review; and Journal of Sacred Literature. Dr. Porter was largely engaged in organizing the great scheme of Intermediate Edu- cation in Ireland, when he was ap- pointed Commissioner by Her Ma- jesty's Government; and in ar- ranging the covirses and preparing the programme of examinations for the Royal University, in which he has been from the first a member of the Standing Committee of the Senate

PORTER, Noah, D.D., LL.D., was born at Parmington, Connecti- cut, Dec. 14,1811. A.B. (Yale Coll.), 1831. He taught school at New Haven from 1831 to 1833, and was a tutor at Yale from 1833 to 1835, studying theology at the same time. In 1836 he was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church at New Milford, Connecticut, and in 1843 was settled at Springfield, Massachusetts. He returned to Yale as professor of metaphysics and moral philosophy in 1846, and on the resignation of Dr. Woolsey in 1871 was elected president of Yale. He is author of "Historical Dis- courses," 1840; "The Educational Systems of the Puritans and the Jesuits Compared," 1851; "The Human Intellect," 1868; "Books and Reading," 1870; "American Colleges and the American Public," 1870; "Elements of Intellectual Philosophy," 1871; and "The Science of Nature versus the Science of Man," 1871. Dr. Porter has been 3 M