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Marift^*' and " Passegiate Solitarie." His " Canti Politic!/' published in 1849, and some other works of his composed about this period, gave animated expression to the aspira- tions of Italian liberalism, but in his later works Signor Prati, tired with the ever-changing influences of passing events, has sought to develop a philosophical idea in each of his poems: — "Eodolfo," "La Battaglia d' Imera,'* " Satania e le Grazie," published in 1855, and "II Conte Eiga," published in 1856, forming a series of episodes and pictures, which, in the mind of the author, are connected with a vast epic on human destiny and the eternal strife between good and evil, God and Satan. Among his more recent works are " Ariberto,'* 1860 ; a poem dedicated to France (1870), which speaks, though not prophetically, of the defeat of Prussia, and which is written throughout in triple rhyme ; " Van- nus lacchi," in Latin hexameters, 1871 ; and an " Ode to Amadous of Savoy, King of Spain," 1871. On his appoin^ent by the late King Charles Albert as Poet-Laureate {Poeta Cesareo) to the Eoyal House of Savoy, in 1849, Signor Prati took up his residence at Turin. He was elected a deputy in the Italian Parliament in Dec., 1862. In 1876 he was created a Senator of the kingdom of Italy.

PEENDERGAST, John Pa- trick, was born at Dublin, March 7, 1808, and educated under the Eev. Dr. Eichard Valpy at Eeading Eoyal Grammar School prior to graduating at Trinity College, Dublin. He was called to the Irish bar in 1830; was appointed Commissioner in 1865 jointly with the Very Eev. Dr. Eussell, Presi- dent of Maynooth, by Lord Eomilly, Master of the Eolls, to select Offi- cial Papers regarding Ireland from the Carte Collection of Papers in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ; and in 1870, with the Very Eev. Dr. Eussell, to calendar the State i

Papers (Ireland) of James I. Mr. Prendergast is author of "The CromweUian Settlement of Ire- land," 1865 ; 2nd edit., 1870. He has contributed papers to the Journal of the Historical and Arch- aeological Association of Ireland, and file Eoyal Historical Society of Great Britain. He is an honorary member of the latter Society and of the New England Historic- Genealogical Society. Mr. Pren- dergast has just edited a work by the late Charles Haliday, of Monks- town Park, CO. Dublin, entitied "The Scandinavian Kiiigdom of Dublin ; " and is engaged upon " The Eestoration — Settlement of Ireland, or History of the Acts of the Settlement and Explanation. A.D., 1660-1669."

PEESSENSfi,EDicoND de.D.D., a Protestant minister, born at Paris, Jan. 27, 1824, pursued his studies in that city, at Lausanne, under Professor Vinet, and at the Univer- sities of Halle and Berlin. On his return to Paris he was appointed pastor of the Taitbout Chapel, where he soon gained a high reputation as a preacher. He received the degree of D.D. from the University of Breslau in 1863. He sat in the National Assembly as a deputy for the department of the Seine from July, 1871, till the close of the year 1875, and he was elected a Life Senator, Nov. 17. 1883. Of his numerous works the following have been translated into English: — "The Eeligions before Christ, being an In&oduction to the His- tory of the First Three Centuries of the Church, translated by L. Coit- ran," 8vo, Edinburgh, 1862 ; " The Land of the Gospel : notes of a Jour- ney in the East," 8vo, London, 1865; "Jesus Christ: His I'imes, Life, and Work, translated by Annie Harwood," 8vo, London, 1866, 2nd edit. 1868, 3rd edit. 1869; "The Eedeemer : Discourses," 8vo, Edin- burgh, 1864, 8vo, Boston (U.S.). 1867 ; " The Mystery of Suffering, and Discourses, translated by Annie