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to which he had been a convert of some years* standing. The theolo- f^sms of the Church, he intimated, had convinced him that the holding of certain scientific views was in- compatible with loyalty to the faith. As however he was convinced that those scientific views were in the main correct, he, acting on his private and individual judgment, thought he had no alternative but to abandon the Church. His works are : " Saturn and its System," 18G5; "Handbook of Stars," and "Gnomonic Star Atlas," 1866: '* Constellation Seasons, Sun Views of the Earth," 1867 ; ** Half -hours with the Telescope," 1868 ; " Half- hours with Stars," 1869; "Other Worlds than Ours: the Plurality of Worlds studied under the light of recent Scientific Researches," with large Star Atlas, 1870, 4th edit., 1878; "The Sun," "Light Science for Leisure Hours," and " Elementary Astronomy," 1871 ; "Orbs around Us," "Elementary Geography," "School Atlas of Astronomy," and " Essays on Astro- nomy," 1872 ; " The Moon," " Bor- derland of Science," "Expanse of Heaven," and 2nd series of " Light Science," 1873; "Universe and

  • .*omin^ Transits," and "Transits

♦»f Venus," 1874, 3rd edit., 1878 ; and " A Treatise on the Cycloid and all Forms of Cydoidal Curves, and on the Use of Cycloidal Curves in dealing with the Motions of Planets, Comets, &c., and of Matter projected from the Sun," 1878.

PRUSSIA, Kino of. {See Wil- liam.)

PULLING, Alexander, Ser- jeant-at-Law, son of the late Capt. G. C. Pulling, R.N., born at St. Arvan's, Monmouthshire, in 1816, was educated at a private school, and afterwards at Merchant Tay- lors' School. Mr. Pulling was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1843; was made a Serjeant-at-Law, 1863 ; and is one of the leaders of the South Wales circuit. He was appointed a revising barrister in '

1857, a magistrate for Gloucester- shire in 1867, and has frequently acted as Deputy-Judge of County Courts, and ludge under the Welsh Circuit Commissions. He effectu- ally aided the CommissioneTS of Inquiry into the Corporation of London, 1853, as fully appears by their report ; and many of his sug- gestions as to the local government of London, private bill legislation, and electioneering brib^y, have been quoted with approbt^on in Parliament. Mr. Serjeant Palling originated the useful reform in onr law reporting system, which is now carried out by the Council of Law Reporting. He is a working mem- ber of that body, one of the senior members of the Law Amendment Society, and of the jurispradenoe I department of the National Asso- ' ciation for Promoting Social Science. ' Since 1863 he has been one of the i managing trustees of the Siarmford Mercury. He was in 1855 appointed to act as senior commissioner in ' carrying into effect the Metropolis Management Act ; and in 1866 was I an unsuccessful candidate for the I representation of Boston. He is the author of a "Treatise on the Laws, Customs, and Franchises of the City of London." 1842 ; " The Order of the Coif," 1883 ; and other works ; pamphlets on the subject of local government, private bill legislation, corrupt practices at elections, trial by jury, reform of the law reports, crime and crimi- nals, public prosecutor ; and articles in the Ediiiturgh Btview and Law Review and Magazine.

PUVIS DE CHAVANNES, PiEBBE, a French painter, was born at Lyons, Dec. 14, 1824. He be- came a pupil of Henri Scheffer and Couture, and devoted himself spe- cially to mural and decorative painting. His first considerable work was a series of five composi- tions intended for the dining-room of his brother. One of these, " Un Retour de Chasse," was exhibited at the Salon of 1859. In 1861 he