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ture in the Acad^mie des Beaux Arts, Dec. 9, 1871.


RALSTON, William Ralston Shedden, M.A., was born in 1828, and studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1846 to 1850, and obtained the degree of M.A. From 1853 to 1875 he served in the British Museum as an Assistant Librarian. He has published " Kriloff and his Fables," 1869 ; 3rd edition, 1871 ; •* Liza," a translation of TurgeneVs novel, " Dvoryanskoe Gnyezdo," 1869 ; " The Songs of the Russian People, as illustrative of Slavonic Mythology and Russian Social Life," 1872 J " Russian Folk Tales," 1873; " Early History of Russia," 1874. He has also contributed a great number of articles to English peri- odicals. Mr. Ralston has been twice Ilchester Lecturer in the Uni- versity of Oxford, and he is a Cor- responding Member of the Imperial Russian Geographical and Histori- cal Societies, an honorary Member of the Moscow Society of Amateurs of Russian History and Literature and of the Nijni Novgorod Statis- tical Committee.

RAMSAY, Sir Andrew Crom- BiE, LL.D., F.R.S., born in 1814, and educated at Glasgow, was ap- pointed to the Geological Survey of Great Britain in 1841, and became Director of the same in 1845. He was nominated Professor of Geo- logy at University College in 1848, Lecturer on Geology at the Royal School of Mines in 1851, and was President of the Geological Society in 1862 and 1863. He became F.R.S. in 1849, Knight of the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus in 1862, LL.D. in Edinburgh, Neill Gold Medallist, Royal Society, Edinburgh, in 1866, and WoUaston Gold Medallist, Geological Society of London, 1871. In 1872 he was appointed Director-General of the Geological Survey of the United

Kingdom, and of the Museum of Practical Geology. On retiring from these offices in 1881 he re- ceived the honour of knighthood. He presided over the meeting of the British Association which was held at Swansea in Aug., 1880. He is an Associate of many foreign societies, including the Academy of Sciences of Brussels, the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, the Royal Academy of Sciences, Turin, the Natural History Society of Switzerland, the Natural History Society of Neuchatel, the American Society of Sciences, Boston, and of many British provincial societies. He has written "The Geology of Arran," " Geology of North Wales," 1858 J "Old Glaciers of North Wales and Switzerland," 1860; " Physical Geology and Geography of Great Britain, 1878 ; and many miscellaneous memoirs, chiefly on theoretical questions in geology, some of which have been translated into German and Italian.

RANDOLPH, The Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston, M.A., born March. 31, 1833, was educated at the Truro Grammar School, and at Exeter College, Oxford (B.A., 1855 ; M.A., 1858). Having held a curacy in Oxford (Holywell), he was appointed in 1859 to the Per- petual Curacy of Hampton Gay, near Oxford, and in 1860 to the Rectory of Ringmore, Devon. He is the author of *' Specimens of Ancient Cornish Crosses, Fonts, &c.," 1850; "Four Years of a Country Friendly Society," 1870; edited "The Poems of Francis Hingeston," 1867 ; " The Chronicle of England, by John Capgrave" (under the direction of the Master of the Rolls) ; " Johannis Cap- gravii. Liber de Illustribus Hen- ricis " (in the same series) ; " The Book of the Illustrious Henries" translated from the Latin of Cap- grave), 1858 ; and " A Collection of Royal and Historical Letters during the Reign of Henry lY." (for the Master of the Rolls), 1860.