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Babylonia ; during which time he succeeded in securing for the British Museum important relics connected with the history of those three great ancient kingdoms, amongst which he discovered in a small mound called " Balauat," in the vicinity of Nineveh, a magnifi- cent pair of bronze gates, twenty feet high, forming a memorial of the wars of Shalmenesar III., b.c. 850. The rich embossed bronzes are now in the British Museum. He also discovered, amongst other sites, the great cities of Sippara, or Sepharvaim, and Outhah, siluated in Southern Mesopotamia. During the Turko-Bussian war he was sent by the British Foreign Office on a special mission to Asia Minor, Armenia, and Kurdistan, to inquire into the condition of the different Christian communities, who were said to be maltreated by their Moslem countrymen.

EAWES, Thb Rev. Heney Au- gustus, D.D., was born at Easing- ton, near Durham, in Dec., 1826; was educated at Houghton-le- Spring, in Durham, and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took his B.A. degree in 1849, and pro- ceeded M.A. in 1852. He became curate of St. Botolph, Aldgate, in June, 1851 ; curate of St. Biartholo- mew. Moor Lane, in June, 1853 ; Warden of the House of Charity, Soho, in May, 1854 ; was received into the Catholic Church in March, 1856 ; ordained priest in Nov., 1857 ; and took charge of the district of Notting Hill. He was created D.D. by order of Pope Pius IX. in 1875. Mr. Rawes is the author of ** Home- ward J " " Nine Visits to the Blessed Sacrament;" "Twelve Visits to our Lady and the City of God;" " Devotions for the Souls in Purga- tory ; ** " Sept<3m, or Seven Ways of Hearing Mass," 7th edit. ; " Great Ti-uths in Little Words ; '* "Sursum;" and "The Bread of Life ; or, S. Thomas Aquinas on the Adorable Sacrament of the Altar. Arranged as Meditf-tions," 1S79.

I RAWLE, The Right Rev. I Richard, Bishop of Trinidad, was bom about 1814, and educated at I Trinity College, Cambridge, of I which ho became Fellow in 1836, , and afterwards Tutor. He gradu- ated B.A. (third wrangler and fourth in the first class of the clas- sical tripos) in 1835, and M.A. in 1838. He became Rector of Cheadle, Staffordshire, in 1839 ; Principal of Codrington Collie, Barbadoes, in 1847 ; Vicar of Felmersham, near Bedford, in 1867 ; Vicar of Tam- I worth in 1869 ; and in 1872, on the I election of the clergy and laity, the I first Bishop of Trinidad, which had. until then, constituted a part of the diocese of Barbadoes. The cere- mony of consecration took place in Lichfield Cathedral. June 29, 1872. RAWLINSON, The Rev. Georoe, M.A., fourth son of A. T. Rawlinson, Esq., of Chadlington, Oxon., born about 1815, was edu- cated at Swansea Grammar School, and at Ealing School; entered Trinity College, Oxford, in 1835; took a first ck^ in classics in 1838 ; and was elected a Fellow of Exeter College in 1840. He obtained the Denyer Prize for a Theological Es- say in 1842, and again in 1843, and having held for some years a Tutor- ship in his college, was appointed Moderator in 1852 ; became Public Examiner in 1854, again in 1856, 1868, and 1874; and preached the Bampton Lecture in 1859. He was elected without a contest to the Camden Professorship of Ancient History in the University in 1861, and took an active part in the agitation which preceded the pass- ing of the Oxford University Act, in favour of the changes then effected. In Sept., 1872, he was appointed a Canon of Canterbury. He has written (in conjunction with Sir H. RawUnson and Sir G. Wil- kinson) "The History of Herodo- tus," a new English version, with copious notes, 1858-60 ; " The His- torical Evidences of the Truth of , the Scripture Records, in Eight