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went to Paris in 1820. He was almost immediately admitted as an iniemet and was attached succes- sively to the Hotel Dieu, under Bupuytren, and to La Pitio, under Lisfranc. In March, 1H2G, he took the deg^ree of Doctor, and prac- tised at Olivet, near Orleans, and Oroiiy-sur-Ourcq, after which he re- turned to Paris, delivered a course of lectures on surgical operations, and was appointed in 1831 Surgeon- in-Chief to the HApital des V^ne- riens of the South, which position he held till Oct., 1860, when he retired. This appointment secured for Dr. Ricord the special reputa- tion which he enjoys for his know- ledge and treatment of that class of diseases to which it relates. Dr. Ricord discovered a cure for vari- cocele, Ac, for which he received, in 1842, the Monthyon prize. He has been a member of the Imperial Academy (section of surgical path- ology) since 1850, and is attached as Consulting Surgeon to the Dis- pensary of Public Health. By decree, July 28, 1862, he was ap- pointed Physician in Ordinary to Prince Napoleon ; and on Oct. 26. 18C9, he was nominated Consulting Surgeon to the Emperor, whom he had assiduously attended during his recent illness, and who, in recognition of the services thus rendered, presented him with a snuff-box with 20,000 francs. He was promoted to the rank of Com- mander of the Legion of Honour, Aug. 12, 1860, and has been deco- rated with numerous foreign orders. Among^ his various works may be named " De TEmploi du Specu- lum," published in 1833 ; " De la Blennorrhagie de la Pemme," in 1834 ; " Emploi de I'Onguent Mer- curiel dans le Traitement de rEr<?8ipMe," in 1836; " Monogra- phie du Chancre," in 1837; "Traite des Maladies Ven^riennes," in 1838 ; " De rOphthalmie Blennor- rhagique," in 1842; "Clinique Iconographique de THdpital des Veneriens," 1812-1851; and " De

la Syphilisation et de la Contagion des Accidents Secondaires,'* in 1853 ; in addition to a large number of memoires, researches, communica- tions, &c., inserted for the most part in the M^nwire^ et Bulleiins de VAcad^ie de M^dedne.

RIDDELL, Mbs. Chablottk Eliza Lawson, is the youngest child of James Cowan, of Carrick- fergus, CO. Antrim. She is married to J. H. Riddell, Esq., a civil en- gineer, by whose initials she is generally known. Mrs. Riddell is the author of many popular novels, including " Too Much Alone," " City and Suburbs," ** George Geith," ** A Life's Assize," " Mor- tomley's Estate," 1874; "Above Suspicion," 1875 ; " Her Mother's Darling," 1877 ; *' The Senior Part- ner," 1882 ; " Daisies and Butter- cups," 1882; **The Prince of Wales's Gkirden Party, and other Stories," 1882; and A Struggle for Fame," 1883.

RIDLEY, The Right Rkv. William, D.D., was a missionary in connection with the Church Missionary Society in Peshawur and Afghanistan from 1866 to 1869, when he was appointed chaplain of the English Church in the Ereuz Strass, Dresden. The latter ^- pointment he resigned in 1872, on being presented to the vicarage of Shelley, near Huddersfield. He was vicar of Mold Green, 1873-74 j and vicar of St. Paul's, Hudders- field, from 1874 to 1879, when he was nominated to the new bishopric of Caledonia, in British Columbia.

RIGG, The Rev. Jaites Harbi- son, D.D., was born in 1821, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, being son of the Rev. John Rigg, a Werieyan minister, who was famous in his day. He received his education at Old Kingswood school, where he was afterwards a teacher, and in 1845 he entered the Wesleyan ministry. He was one of the load- ing writers for the BiblicaX Review (1846-49), and at the time of the controversy in Methodism (1849)

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