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Labour/* and " Sheep on the Cots- wolds/* in the Academy Gallery in 1858, and, in the next year, ** On the Boad to Gloucester Fair." From this date till 1864 he was ab- sent from the Academy as an exhi- bitor, but in the last-mentioned year he sent ** Iron Bars" and

  • 'Eomeo and Juliet." Among his

subsequent works are: — " The Poacher's Nurse," *' Strayed from the Flock," a dead lamb lying in the snow, and "The Long Sleep," 1866; " Fox and Geese" (exhibited in the exhibition of water-colour painters at the Dudley Gallery in 1868, and now in the collection at South Kensington); " The Prison- ers," 1869 J •' A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Charity," 1870;

    • Come Back! " and " Circe trans-

forming the Friends of Ulysses into Pigs," 1871; '• Daniel" in the lions' den, 1872; " Argus " and " All that was left of the Homeward Bound," 1873; " Apollo," and " Genius Loci," 1874; " War Time," and " The Last of the Garrison," 1876; '* A Stem Chase is always a Long Chase," and ** PaUas Athene and the Swine- herd's Dogs," 1876; "A Legend of St. Patrick," and •* Lazarus,^' 1877;

    • An Anxious Moment," a flock of

geese frightcftied at the sight of a hat on the ground; " Sympathy,"

  • ' Victims," and " The Ruins of

Persepolis," 1878; " In manus tuas Domine," " The Poacher's Widow," now in the public library, Birming- ham, and " A Winter's Tale," 1879; "The Night Watch," "The Last Spoonful," and "Endymion," 1880; " A Roman Holiday," " Envy, Hatred, and Malice," "Hope De- ferred," and "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie," 1881; "The Magician's Door- way," " Una," and " Portrait of Miss Potter," 1882; " The Unclean Spirits entering into the Swine," "Old Playfellows," "The Last of the Crew," and " Giants at Play," 1883. Many of the above have been engraved on steel by F. Stac- poole, A.R.A., S. Cousins, R.A., and C. J. Lewis; and other works

have been etched by various hands. Mr. Riviere was elected A.R.A. Jan. 16, 1878, and R.A. May 5, 1881.

ROBBINS, Alpbed Farthhtg. son of Mr. Richard Robbins, of Launceston, Cornwall, waa born there Aug. 1, 1856, and educated at the local Grammar School. His earliest contributions to joum^ran were to the East Cornwall Times (Launceston) in 1868, but two years later he was apprenticed as a chemist, to which business he de- voted four years. During this time. . however, he wrote many leading articles for the before-mentioned paper, as well as the first instal- ment of a history of his nartive place, published in the columns of that journal, under the signature of " Dunheved." Immediately upon the expiration of his apprentice- ship in July, 1874, he joined the editorial staff of the Western DaUf Mercury (Plymouth), and, in the following April, that of the Bedford- shire Times and Independent (Bed- ford). In Oct., 1875, he was ap- pointed editor of the Luton Reporter, which post he left a year later to become one of the staff of the Brad- ford Observer. WhOe in Bradford, he was a frequent contributor to the Torkshireman, a weekly journal published in that town, to which, in 1877, he supplied a series, ai- titled "Notable Living Yorkshire- men," of biographical sketches of eighteen of the best known York- shire members of Parliament; and in 1878 (under the name of " Tom Clifton"), a serial story, with the title " In Doubt." In Dec., 1877, his first dramatic effort, a come- dietta, entitled " Helps," was pro- duced by the late Madame Beatrice, at Lincoln, and, in the following September, his farce, " A Pleasuit Hour," was given by Mr. Joseph Eldred, at Bradford. In Maidi, j 1879, he joined the staff of the I Press Association, and, a mcoith or I two later (under the pseudonym ol . " Nemesis"), published a pamphlet ! entitled " Five Years of Tory Role/'