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aervatives resigned in April, 18S0. In that capacity he has l>een dis- tinguished for the success with which he has directed the adminis- tration and Parliamentary business of his department : in particular the Eating Act of 1874, the Regis- tration Act of the same year, and the Pollution of Rivers Prevention Act of 1875, were measures which had long been urgently required, but which, though frequently brought forward, had never before been carried to a successful issue. The consolidaiion of the sanitary laws in the Public Health Act of 1875 was likewise a measure of the greatest importance with which his name could be connected.

SCOTT, Benjamin, Chamberlain of London, son of the late B. W. Scott, Esq., who long held the post of Chief Clerk to the Chamberlain, and who, conjointly with Mr. Firth, volunteered, in 1832, a report to the City Corporation on the subject of a general embankment of the river Thames, was born in 1814, and having entered the Chamber- lain's oflSce, attained the post of Chief Clerk in 1842, but resigned that and other offices in 1853. He founded the Bank of London, to which he was secretary untU the death of Sir John Key, in 1858, when he was elected to the office of Chamberlain. He has taken an active jmrt in education, having founded, in 1851, the Working Men's Educational Union. Mr. Scott has published, among other works, ** A Statistical Vindication of the City of Londqp,'* " Contents and Teachings of the Catacombs at Rome," "Progress of Locomotion in Great Britain," and *' Hints to Lecturers to the Working Classes." Mr. Scott is a Commissioner of Her Majesty's Lieutenancy for the City of London.

SCOTT, The Rev. Charles Brod- BiCK, D.D., born at 3, Merrion Square South, Dublin, Jan. 18, 1826, was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where

he graduated B.A. in 1848 as Senior Classic and 22nd Wrangler. He gained the Pitt University 8<iolar- ship (1847) ; was Senior Chancel- lor's Medallist ; and was elected, in 1849, a Fellow of Trinity, of which College he became assistant tutor in 1852. Afterwards he graduated M.A., 1851 ; B.D., 1860 ; D.D., 1867. Pe was Select Preacher at Cam- bridge in 1860 and 1869. He be- came Head Master of Westminster School in 1855; a Prebendary of St. Paul's in 1874 ; and an honorary student of Christ Church, Oxford, in 1875. Dr. Scott resigned the head-mastership of Westminster School in May. 1883.

SCOTT, The Right Rbv.Cha&lbs Pebby, D.D., Bishop of North China, son of the late Rev. John Scott, vicMr of St. Mary's, Hull, was born there June 27, 1847. He received his education at the Charterhouse, and at Jesus College, Cambridge (B A., 1869; D.D. jure dignitaiU, 1880). He was curate of St. Peter's, Eaton Square, London, from 1870 to 1874, and a missionary (under the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) from the latter date till his advance- ment to the episcopate. He was consecrated, as Bishop of North China, in St. Paul's caUiedral, Oct, 28, 1880.

SCOTT, Clement William, son of the Rev. William Scott. Vicar of St. Olave, Old Jewry, was born Oct. 6, 1841, at Christ Church par- sonage, Hoxton, London, and edu- cated at Marlborough CoUege, Wilt- shire. He was appointed to a clerk- ship in the War Office by Lord Herbert of Lea in May, 1860, and retired on a pension in May, 1879. He then joined the editorial staff of the Daily Telegraph, to which paper he had contributed dramatic cri- ticisms and special articles since 1873. Previous to that time, Mr. Scott was successively dramatic critic to the Sunday Times, the Weekly Dispatch, and the Observer. He is the author of "Lays of a Londoner/' a book of oramatic