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I>oeins^ principally contributed to runch aiter Mr. Bnmand became editor ; " Bound about the Islands," a collection of holiday articles con- tributed to the Daily Telegraph, and other papers. He is likewise author or part author of the following plays : — " Diplomacy," " The Vicar- age," "Off the Line," "The Cape Mail," " Peril," " The Crimson Cross," " Odette," " Tears, Idle Tears ! " and has been editor of the Theatre magazine since 1880.

SCOTT, Thb Vebt Rev. Robert, D.D., derives his descent from the Scotts of Harden, N.B., and was bom in 1811 in Devonshire, where his father held a living. From Shrewsbury Sohool he proceeded to Christ Church, Oxford, where he obtained the Craven University Scholarship in 1833, and the Ireland University Scholarship three years subsequently. He graduated B.A. in 1833, being in the first class in classics, and was shortly afterwards elected to a Fellowship at Balliol College. Having held for a few years one of the college tutorships he accepted the Rectory of Duloe, in Cornwall, which he subsequently exchanged for the living of South Luffenham, Rutland. This prefer- ment he held till 1854, when he was elected, on the death of Dr. Jenkyns, to the Mastership of Balliol College. In 1861 he succeeded Dr. Hawkins as Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scriptures at Oxford ; and in 1870, on the recommendation of Mr. Glad- stone, he was appointed Dean of Rochester. Dr. Scott has trans- lated some portions of the " Library of the Fathers," and in 1845 he gave to the world the well-known "Greek Lexicon," in conjunction with Dean LiddeU.

SCOTT, Robert Henry, M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S., born at Dublin, Jan. 28, 1833, was educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated as First Senior Mode- rator in Experimental Physics in 1855. He was appointed Lecturer in Mineralogy to the Royal Dublin

Society in 1862, and Director of the Meteorological Office in 1867, a title changed U> " Secretary of the Me- teorological Coimcil" in 1877. Mr. Scott is author of a "Manual of Volumetric Analysis," 1862 ; " Wea- ther Charts and Storm Warnings," 1876; and of various papers on geology and meteorology in the Transactions of scientific societies. In addition he, in conjunction with Capt. H. Toynbee, F.R.A.S., the marine superintendent of the office, has edited the scientific works which have at successive times been issued by the Meteorological Committee.

SCRIVENER, The Rev. Fre- derick Henry Ambrose, LL.D., was born Sept. 29, 1813, at Ber- mondsey, Surrey, and educated at St. Olave's Grammar School, Sonth- wark, and Trinity College, Cam- bridge, where he obtained a Scholar- ship in 1834, and graduated B.A. in 1835, M.A. in 1838. He was ap- pointed Assistant Master of King's School, Sherborne, in 1836 j Curate of Sandford Orcas, Somerset, in 1838 ; was Head Master of Falmouth School, 1846-56 j Incumbent of Pen- werris, Falmouth, 1846-61 ; Rector of Gerrans from 1861 till Dec, 1875, when the Duke of Portland presented him to the vicarage of Hendon, Middlesex . Mr. Scrivener's special study has been the criticism of the New Testament, to which nearly all his writings refer. His "Greek Testament" (7th edit., 1877), and "Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testa- ment," are text-books in many schools, and universities. The '* Codex Bezae" is perhaps the most complete and elaborate of his writ- ings. His " Cambridge Paragraph Bible of the Authorized English Version ; with the Text revised, and a Critical Introduction pre- fixed," appeared in 1873; "Six Popular Lectures on the Text of the New Testament " in 1875 ; and "Greek Testament with changes made in the Common Text by the New Testament Company of Re-