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( 98 )

As breathless an' fatigued I lay,
In his arms among the hay,
My blood fast thro' my veins did play
As he lay huggin' me;
I thought my breath would never last,
For Jockey danc'd sae devilish fast;
But what cam o'er, I trow, at last,
There's deil ane kens but me.
But soon he wearied o' his dance,
O' a' his jumpin' an' his prance,
An' confess'd without romance,
He was fain to let me be.


An old song on which Burns modelled his beautiful lyric with the same title.

I'll lay thee o'er the lee-rig,
Lovely Mary, dearie, O;
I'll lay thee o'er the lee-rig,
My lovely Mary, dearie, O.
Altho' the night were ne'er so wet,
An' I were ne'er so weary O;
I'd lay thee o'er the lee-rig
My lovely Mary, dearie, O.
Altho' the night, &c.

Look down ye gods from yonder sky,
An' see how blest a man am I;
No envy my fond heart alarms,
Encircled in my Mary's arms.
Lyin' across the lee-rig,
Wi' lovely Mary, dearie, O;
Lyin' across the lee-rig
Wi' my ain kind deary, O.
Altho' the night, &c.