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Title The Merry Muses of Caledonia
Author Robert Burns
Year 1911
Publisher Burns Federation
Location Edinburgh
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in April 2012



Introductory and Corrective page v.
The Fornicator 33
Beware of the Ripples 35
The Lass o' Liviston 36
She's Hoy'd Me Out o' Lauderdale 37
Anna 38
Errock Brae 40
My Auntie Jean 41
Our Gudewife's sae Modest 41
Wad Ye Do That? 42
A' That and A' That 43
Muirland Meg 44
Ye hae Lien Wrang, Lassie 45
The Patriarch 46
Can ye no let me be? 48
The Case of Conscience 49
The Trogger 50
The Reel o' Stumpie 51
Godly Girzie 51
Green Grow the Rashes 52
The Jolly Gauger 54
Nine Inch will Please a Lady 55
Had I the Wyte she Bade Me 56
Ellibanks 57
Coming o'er the Hills o' Coupar 59
Brose and Butter 60
Comin' Thro' the Rye 61
The Bower of Bliss 62
As I came o'er the Cairney Mount 64
Supper is not Ready 65
Yon, Yon, Yon, Lassie 66
The Yellow, Yellow Yorlin' 67
The Summer Morn 68
She Grippet at the Girtest o't 69
Wha'll M—w Me Now ? 70
John Anderson my Jo 71
A Hole to Hide it in 73
Duncan Macleerie 74
Duncan Davison 75
O Saw ye my Maggy? 76
They Took Me to the Holy Band 77
The Ploughman 78
How Can I Keep my Maidenhead 80
Dainty Davie 81
The Moudiwark 82
Andrew and his Cutty Gun 83
The Mill, Mill, O 84
O Gat ye me wi' Naething 85
Can ye Labour Lea, Young Man? 86
Our Jock's Brack Yestreen 87
She Rose and Loot me in 88
Gie the Lass her Fairing 89
Poor Bodies do Naething but Mow 90
The Cooper o' Cuddy 93
There Cam' a Cadger 94
Ken ye na our Lass Bess 94
Wha the Deil can Hinder the Wind tae Blaw? 95
We're a' Gaun Southie O 96
Jockey was a Bonny Lad 97
My Ain Kind Deary 98
Here's his Health in Water 99
Act Sederunt of the Court of Session 100
Blyth Will and Bessie's Wedding 101
As I Looked o'er yon Castle Wa' 103
Logan Water 104
The Cooper o' Dundee 105
Whistle o'er the Lave o't 105
The Ranting Dog the Daddy o't 106
Jenny Macraw 107
Nae Hair On't 107
The Sodger Laddie 108
O Gin I had her 109
The Lassie Gath'ring Nits 110
The Linking Laddie 110
Tail Todle 111
Duncan Gray 112
Johnie Scott 113
I am a Bard 114
For a' that an' a' that 115
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing 117
He Till't and She Till't 117
Madgie cam to my Bedstock 118
Tweedmouth Town 119
Wha is that at my Bower Door 120
Come Cow Me Minnie 121

The Court of Equity 125