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( 69 )

First wi' the thrush, he thrust and pushed,.
His p—t—e large and strong, sir,
The blackbird next, his tunefu' text,
Made him both bold and strong, sir.
The linnet's lay came then in play,
And the lark that soared aboon, sir,
Till Damon fierce, mistimed his a—e,
And spent quite out of tune, sir.


Tune—"East Neuk o' Fife."

An old song.

Our bride flat and our bride flang,
But lang before the laverock sang,
She paid him twice for every bang,
And grippet at the girtest o't.

Our bride turn'd her to the wa',
But lang before the cock did craw,
She took him by the cock and a'.
And grippet at the girtest o't.

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