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Tune—"Ruffian's Rant."

An old song.

O, yon, yon, yon, lassie,
Yon, yon, yon,
I never met a bonny lass,
But I wad play at yon.

O yon, yon, &c.

I never saw a silken gown,
But I wad kiss the sleeve o't;
I never saw a maidenhead,
That I wad spier the leave o't.

O yon, yon, &c.

Tell na me o' Meg my wife,
Her crowdie has na savour,
But gie to me a bonny lass,
And let me steal the favour.

O yon, yon, &c.

Gie me her I kissed yestreen,
I vow but she was handsome,
For ilka hair upon her c—t,
Was worth a royal ransom.

O yon, yon, &c.