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Tune"Charlie's muster roll"

An old song.

Tail todle, tail todle,
Tammie gart my tail todle
But an' ben wi' diddle doddle,
Tammie gart my tail todle.

Our gudewife held o'er to Fife,
For to buy a coal riddle;
Lang or she came back again,
Tammie gart my tail todle.
Tail todle, &c.

When I'm dead I'm out o' date;
When I'm sick I'm fu' o' trouble;
When I'm weel I stap about,
And Tammie gars my tail todle.
Tail todle, &c.

Jenny Jack she gae a plack,
Helen Wallace gae a boddle;
Quo' the bride, it's o'er little
For to mend a broken doddle.
Tail todle, &c.