The Merry Muses of Caledonia/The Moudiwark

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Tune"O for ane and twenty Tam."

An old song.

The moudiwark has done me ill,
And below my apron has biggit a hill,
I maun consult some learned clark,
About this wanton moudiwark.

And O the wanton moudiwark,
The weary wanton moudiwark,
I maun consult my learned clark,
About this wanton moudiwark.

O first it gat between my taes,
Out o'er my garter neist it gaes,
At length it crap below my sark,
The weary wanton moudiwark.

And O the, &c.

This moudiwark, tho' it be blin',
If ance the nose o't you let in,
Then to the hilts, within a crack,
The weary wanton moudiwark,

And O the, &c.

When Marjorie was made a bride,
And Willie lay down by her side.
Syne nought was heard when it was dark,
But kicking at the moudiwark.

And O the, &c.