The Merry Muses of Caledonia/We're a' Gaun Southie O

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Tune"The Merry lads of Ayr."

An old song.

Callum cam to Campbell's court,
 An' saw ye e'er the make o't;
Pay'd twenty shillings for a thing,
 An' never got a straik o't.

 We're a' gaun southie O.
 We're a' gaun there;
 An' we're a' gaun to Mauchline fair,
 To sell our pickle hair.
Pay'd twenty shillings for a quine,
 Her name was Kirsty Lauchlan;
But Callum took her by the c—t,
 Before the laird o' Mauchline.
 We're a', &c.

Callum cam to Kirsty's door,
 Says, Kirsty are ye sleepin'?
No sae soun' as ye wad trow,
 Ye'se get the thing ye're seekin'.
 We're a', &c.

Callum had a peck o' meal,
 Says Kirsty, will ye draik it?
She whippit aff her wee white coat,
 An' birket at it nakit.
 We're a', &c.

Bonie lassie, braw lassie,
 Will ye hae a soger?
Then she took up her duddie sark,
 An' he shot in his Roger.
 We're a', &c.

Kind kimmer Kirsty,
 I lo'e wi' a' my heart, O,
An' when there's ony p—t—s gaun,
 She'll ay get a part, O.
 We're a', &c.